Every day Instagram has over a thousand new posts and Reels being shot, made and posted. Reels have become an essential part of the social media platform and our lives too. Some trends end up being an absolute visual treat to watch while some others have music which is so catchy that it may become your favourite song. The latest trend to have taken the internet by storm is Runway Aurora. In this trend, we have seen creators making a Reel where stunning photos are clicked with the help of some mesmerizing filters and in the background plays the song, Runway by the artist, Aurora.

Check out some of these stunning Reels on the ‘gram

Nagma Mirajkar

This video sure does make for one enchanted Reel. Nagma Mirajkar looks absolutely stunning in each of these shots, be it the butterfly one or the one where she lets the flow of her attire transform into wings. But if you ask, what really stole our hearts was the last one where her pet cat, Tiger makes the appearance. Quite purr-fect!

Ashi Khanna

Ashi Khanna’s version of this Reel is so stunning that we may have watched it way too many times. We also love how seamlessly she has used the flower here to enhance this video even more. What can we even say about her aestherics?

Sonali Bhaudauria

Awww! This Reel has just the right amount of feels. This Runway Aurora music with the whole beach background, those filters and of course, these two are literally like the components of Reel that screams perfect. Don’t you agree?

Manav Chhabra and Unnati Malharkar

We absolutely love this Reel of Manav a.k.a Mr. MNV and Unnati. It is so cute and just has that whole feel-good vibe. If we had to create a take on this trend with our besties, this video would definitely be our reference.

The Runway Aurora Reel trend became so popular globally that it was absolutely fascinating to see how creative Instagrammers were getting while creating their own versions of this video. But there were some creators who added their own unique twists to this trend by not only using the filter and the audio but also incorporating some interesting theme or topic.

Same music, different vibe? Here you go!

Aashna Shroff

The current times are unpredictable and can affect you physically as well as mentally. So with the start of the new month, Aashna has decided to do a few things to make a frown turn upside down. This creator decided to dress up as a means to brighten up that mood, and we think this is a tactic that can absolutely make a bad mood, go away. Agree?

Awez Darbar

Awez’s take on the Runway Aurora trend was so genuine and cute! Keeping in mind the unpredictable times, this creator converted this Reel trend into one that would bring a smile to people’s faces and help the ‘grammers also comment and uplift each other’s moods. Isn’t that the sweetest thought ever? Kudos to you Awez for doing this!

Anisha Dixit

This creator quite hilariously showcased how to ‘properly’ wear a mask. In the last year, we have seen people don this much-needed accessory in ways that are anything but correct, so in case anyone needed the tutorial here you go. Also, we love how Anisha has used the Runway Aurora song for this Reel… Quite unexpected and creative, we think!

Well, these were a few interesting and stunning variations to the popular Runway Aurora trend that brought a smile to our faces. During these unpredictable times, we can also uplift each others’ spirits and mood, just like these amazing creators did. So do you have favourite Reel from this list that you’d like to try, share it with us in the comments below. And don’t forget to do your bit by wearing a mask if you have to get out for an emergency, by staying home and of course, by staying safe.