May was quite a milestone month, especially when it came to content creators and YouTube. However, this doesn’t surprise us at all as we see creators work extremely hard every day. Tbh, their content has been our go-to source to lift our spirits. Therefore, any news of their success brings nothing but joy and excitement. So, let’s check out which creator made some massive noise by achieving impressive milestones on YouTube for themselves in the month of May!

Here they are:

1. Ajey Nagar a.k.a CarryMinati

Now here’s a popular creator who made it big on YouTube by hitting 30 million subscribers on his channel. What an achievement, isn’t it? We have seen CarryMinati grow exponentially from creating content to making his musical debut in a Bollywood film, The Big Bull. This young boy has some wonderful content in store for us so keep an eye out on his channel!

2. Jannat Zubair

Jannat Zubair conquered the month of May with massive milestones. On YouTube, she crossed 3 million subscribers on her channel. All we want to tell Jannat, is that keep that content coming ‘cuz we are absolutely lovin’ every bit of it! Moreover, we wish that her social media family grows strong, stronger and strongest every day.

3. Surabhi and Samriddhi

OMG, what can we say about #ChinkiMinki? The cutest twins we know are twinning and winning our hearts by crossing 2 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. We’re supremely proud of them for achieving such a great milestone. Keep entertaining us with your fun, unique content. Ngl, but you twins absolutely deserve this and much more.

4. Mahesh Keshwala a.k.a Thugesh

A creator whose content has us rolling on the floor laughing is Mahesh Keshwala a.k.a Thugesh! No doubt, his ‘Thug Life’ videos have us glued to his channel for hours. We strongly feel that this is his biggest USP. With 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, he unlocked a major milestone and entertained his fans.

5. DamnFam

Damn, our fave creator group made it huge this month by crossing 700k subscribers on their YouTube channel. That surely is a big WOW, don’t you all agree? Honestly, the hard work and dedication they put into creating content is legit amazing. We’re so happy to see this group reach such great heights in a short span of time. After DMFA, the group has set the bar of creativity high and we cannot wait to watch their exciting videos.

6. Ashi Khanna

Looks like, May was a double celebration month for Ashi Khanna. Well, not only her group but, she also crossed a milestone of 700k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Ashi is one of the most loved creators who wins our hearts with her adorable and true self. She is a princess who is rising to rule YouTube with her content.

7. Tanzeel Khan

The ever-so-charming, Tanzeel Khan crossed 500k subscribers on his YouTube channel. We are so proud of you buddy! We are sure that all the DamnFam fans love your content and your magical voice. Also, just like us, they are eager to hear your next music track.

8. Karron S Dhinggra a.k.a TheFormalEdit

The dashing style icon for men, Karron S Dhinggra crossed 500k subscribers on his YouTube channel. Well done buddy, you have earned every bit of this success and it’s your effort and dedication that paid off. So, keep killing it with your dashing looks and content.

9. Mridul Sharma

With a family of 400k subscribers, Mridul is shining on YouTube! Tbh, her fashion and styling videos makes us wanna revamp our wardrobes. Not just that, her beauty hacks and unique ideas like ‘mystery challenge’ really have us hooked to her channel, day and night. Here’s wishing Mridul more success in the near future.

10. Sunny Chopra

It’s always a delight to watch Sunny Chopra’s content, don’t you agree? In the month of May, he crossed 200k subscribers on his YouTube channel. So, if you are looking to watch some fun pranks and entertaining content then Sunny’s channel should be your go-to!

11. Nicole Concessao

Our dynamite dancer, Nicole Concessao received the Silver Play button from YouTube in May. Her energetic ‘thumkas’ and expressive ‘aadayein’ have us floored. Not just that, Nicole is a bundle of energy who always sparks joy and positivity with her content. We are sure that you would not want to miss out on her happy-go-lucky content.

12. Agasthya Shah

The best part about Agathya’s content is that most of his videos hit us right in the feels and have us shaking our heads with relatability. He recently crossed 100k subscribers on his YouTube channel and we are super happy. When it comes to comedy, Agasthya really takes us on a laughter marathon with his relatable and original content.

There you go! If you are looking for ways to lift your spirits while you are sitting at home then these creators and their videos are your one-stop solution. They have not only achieved major milestones in the month of May but their content is also a visual treat to watch for sure. Also, we hope to see them all continue creating and achieving amazing milestones in the near future. On a side note, let’s all of us consciously stay home, stay safe and try our best to get vaccinated soon.