Ever since the Reels feature was introduced on Instagram, there has been a massive boost in the reach and recognition of many upcoming content creators. Ngl, Reels are not easy to make especially if they include loads of transitions and editing in them. But one such creator who has aced these transitions is Tanya Joshi a.k.a @relatewithtanya. For all those who don’t know her, she is a beauty creator who makes fab Reels on makeup, fashion, and lifestyle. Tbh, she has blown my mind away with her makeup Reels especially on Bollywood songs. Let me show you what I’m talking about…

Here are few of her Reels that made me go WOW!

1. Heelin Toot Gayi

This Reel is blowing my mind away. Tbh, I’ve saved this Reel on my profile and whenever I feel a little low, all I do is watch such Reels by her. It’s just so fascinating to see the amount of hard work put into this. The most engaging part of this Reel is that she’s grooving to the song only through her hands and facial expressions, much wow! Not to forget, her makeup is so glowy and on-point.

2. Nadiyon Paar

Ngl, this song still makes me groove every time I hear it. Tanya has matched the vibe of the song so perfectly well with the eyeshadow glitters and glowing outfits. Guys, she even danced to the hook-step of the song. Let me tell y’all it is not at all easy to time makeup with dance and lipsyncing but she has just aced at it all. Here, she has shown each layer of makeup with different transitions and when the beat dropped, I died, I literally died. How is this looking so damn good?

3. Saki Saki

Isn’t this just electrifying? The song as well as her vibe! She has managed to pull off 4 outfits in 1 Reel with aammzziinnggg transitions. I love how her makeup is coordinated with her outfits, it just enhances the entire look and makes it look super chic and classy.

4. Saiyaan Ji

Time and again she has shown her talent through these glammed-up Reels. I don’t have words as to how smooth her transitions are. Her selection of songs are also so trendy and peppy that we can’t stop watching her Reels, can you?

5. Jai Jai Shivshankar

She made this Reel during Holi and I love how on the lines ‘red wala colour laga key‘ she has red Holi colour on her face, it’s so well synced with the lyrics of the song. Also, after the beat drop, the gorgeous mix of colours that I got to see was too good. I’d like to associate it with Pride month as well ‘cuz it’s about inclusivity.

6. Yeh Ishq Hai

Didn’t this Reel just make you go back in time, ‘cuz I defo had a nostalgic feel after looking at this. If you guys didn’t notice let me tell y’all that the choice of her outfits in this Reel especially is so similar to what Kareena Kapoor had worn in ‘Jab We Met‘. Love how she keeps in mind all the details to make her Reel perfecto.

I certainly enjoy jammin’ to her videos and she’s a major inspiration to a lot of women who are suffering from Alopecia. This disorder attacks your hair follicles and you tend to lose a lot of hair. To know more about this y’all should totally check out her profile. Lastly, I hope you all are safe and doing well.