Actor Ravi Dubey is an actor who we have seen evolve when it comes to his craft and his personality and don’t we all adore his relationship with wife, Sargun Mehta? But the journey to here has been one that has seen it’s share of ups and downs, but like he himself says, who doesn’t have rough patches in their life, amirite?

In a conversation with host Priyam Saha on her podcast, I Have Feelings, Ravi spoke about a lot of things and shared his thoughts and learnings about life through a lovely conversation! He speaks about how he dealt with his rough patch in life, what he thinks is the key for a lasting and successful relationship and shared his thoughts on self worth and fame.

Speaking about relationships, he says that for him, more than love, what he considers most important and pertinent is mutual respect for each other. Also, speaking about self-worth and manifestations, he says that it’s all about manifesting what you are and that you’ve got to be great and the best in your own eyes and that’s all that matters.

But it’s not like he hasn’t had his share of rough days, and all that he has learnt and understood about life has been because of his experiences.

Looking back at times where he had suicidal thoughts and felt like there was no hope in life, he says:

There was a difficult patch in one’s life, but then who doesn’t have a difficult patch in their life? Everyone does. It’s not about how difficult the circumstances are, it’s the matter of your head space. If your headspace is one of strength and positivity, you can surmount the biggest of obstacles. But if your headspace has gotten corrupted, even small difficulties overwhelm you. You think life has no hope – but how can there be no hope when tomorrow has yet not come? The choice is binary – it could be bad, it could be good – but there’s a chance it could be good, so align with that thought.

This sure is something to ponder on, no?

To catch the entire insightful and heartfelt conversation, watch the entire episode of ‘I Have Feelings’ here: