What is life without certain basic day-to-day challenges that are too inconvenient for us to live yet too embarrassing to discuss out loud! We will never be able to stop experiencing these challenges, but we may try to agree to their existence by rolling on the floor laughing. Well, thanks to some of these fantastic content creators, whose observation skills are so on point that their content relates to us on different levels. So, scroll down to check out creators that leave us amazed with their content accuracy!

Here We Go…

1. Prajakta Koli

Prajakta here has accurately portrayed the situation that we all go through, don’t you agree? Yes, indeed we all strongly agree with her. We are sure that the millennials and the Gen-Z relate to this a tad bit more! Going into a room and forgetting why makes us feel silly a number of times and is so relatable, lol. Is it just us, or did you also lost count of the number of times you have been in a situation like this? Now, who is to blame for this, the universe, maybe, hahaha!

2. Niharika Nm

She tosses truth bombs with such cheekiness that there’s no other way to accept it and laugh and weep at the same time. Yes, we’ve all had that awkward situation where our tummy begins acting up like an old car engine in the middle of the night. We can’t stop the weird sound of gudu..gudu.. from our stomach, but we also can’t stop watching this Reel of our fave Niharika on loop, can we?

3. Srishti Dixit

We should defo be the first ones to sign up for learning how to provide proper directions if they existed. Just like Srishti have you ever been kicked out of a rickshaw for giving wrong directions? If, yes then welcome to the team cause it’s but natural that directions can get confusing and fry our minds. We absolutely loved how accurately you acted both the characters, Srishti.

4. Shibani Bedi

This is something that all chai lovers can relate to, amirite? How would you react to the extra layer of malai in your tea that you don’t want, ughh? Moreover, we cannot drink our tea too hot or too cold, finding the right temperature can be frustrating. Well,  Shibani has expressed every expression of ours so accurately here, that it looks so real and just like our reflection.

5. Vishnu Kaushal

Well, we can definitely relate to this one. Our generation’s biggest worry is figuring out how to deal with hair loss. So many seasons have gone and we’re still waiting for that one solution to this never-ending cycle of hair fall. All we want is a cure for it, as we all are in this together!

6. Sakshi Shivdasani

Raise your hand up if you’re a foodie, just like Sakshi. We too, do have daily cravings for our fave cuisines. But we’re too afraid to order something because let’s face it, nothing beats ‘Ghar ka khana’ prepared by our master chef mothers, and tbh, we’re also afraid of our mothers, hahaha jk! Sakshi has accurately depicted the scenario that we all go through while seeking permission to order food and hoping they say yes!

7. Agastya Shah

Birthdays are something we all always look forward to, isn’t it? Especially when it’s ours, as we get all the pampering, presents, and attention. The only thing that gets a lil’ weird is the strange talks that are followed by awkward silences, after a joyful birthday wish. Well, Agastya has a fantastic way out of it, but we’re not sure if we’ll be able to pull it off as confidently as he did, but we certainly did learn a few tricks from him for the future.

Some of our favorite content creators have done an amazing job conveying our toughest day-to-day struggles. We understand that living these situations over and over is a never-ending cycle, but we are here to help you discover solutions to most of them. These Reels had us ROFLing. For a little while, we felt relaxed and delighted, not having to worry about anything but watching these videos on repeat. Finally, I urge everyone to be safe, stay home, and get vaccinated at the earliest.