Pride month is a special moment taken during the year to celebrate individuality, appreciate what makes everyone different and express the way you want to be seen. You know that feeling of confidently wearing your identity open, proud and loud which is why we show our love and support to the LGBTQ community this month. However, while the pandemic may have seriously put a damper on the in-person celebration for the time being that hasn’t stopped people from embracing the festivities online. Thankfully, the spirit of expressing yourself fully and unapologetically remains unwavering and stronger than ever. And what better way to get into the spirit of supporting the community than using makeup to experiment, express and create statement-making looks.

As digital celebrations commenced all over the world, searches for Pride makeup have spiked as people search for the perfect festive look. We’re talking colourful eye makeup look from glitters, neon’s and of course rainbows all the way. Not only is the rainbow totally beautiful and mesmerizing it’s also the perfect way for you to show your support while embracing the Pride flag. Taking one look at our Instagram feed we were blown away with so many colourful and fun looks on the daily, we just had to share our favourites. With plenty of beauty inspiration to go around, they might just inspire you to grab your eyeliner brush and wear your rainbow with pride.

Here are some of our favourite Pride Month looks from Instagram:

1. Rainbows in the sky

Why not resemble an actual rainbow in the sky. Our eyes may be the window to our souls, but they’re also the end of the rainbow with this fabulous makeup.

2. The Trans flag

While the rainbow covers everything why not get inspired by the specific flags under the LGBTQ banner to show you support.

3. Graphic floating liner

This super glam, floating rainbow liner look is goals and totally doable.

4. Loud and Proud

This genius design really emphasizes the fact that it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

5. Technicolour glam

We love a perfectly blended moment, but the defined lines and splattering effect on the edges with the rainbow of colours are simply artful and fun.

6. Ombre lips

A scattering of the rainbow up and centre with the watercolour effect is absolutely gorgeous. But what really grabs your attention is ombre lips inspired by the Pride flag.

7. Groovy stripes

Psychedelic 70s with a modern twist. We love this squiggle rainbow stripe that makes an effective statement.

Which one of these Pride inspired looks is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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