From vlogs to challenges to music, YouTube has become almost everyone’s lifesaver. Moreover, a social media platform that’s grown to be an essential part of us in some way or the other. Content creators work really hard every day and any news of their success brings us nothing but joy and pride. Today, we will be looking back at the HUGE milestones that different content creators unlocked in the month of June on YouTube. So, get ready to virtually cheer and celebrate their achievements!

Here they are:

1. Ashish Chanchlani

Now here’s a creator who always makes us cheer for him louder! Youth icon, Ashish Chanchalani keeps churning out mind-blowingly hilarious content on YouTube. This month he made it big by crossing 25 million #ACVians on his channel. All we want to say is that keep that content coming ‘cuz we are absolutely lovin’ every bit of it!

2. Nagma Mirajkar

With over 800k subscribers, Nagma Mirajkar is totally conquering the YouTube space! It’s always a delight to watch Nagma dance, don’t you agree? We are big fans of her atrangi and sassy moves that have us floored! So, if you are looking to watch some fun challenges or prank videos or trending dance videos then Nagma’s channel should be your go-to.

3. Mahesh Keshwala a.k.a Thugesh

Looks like Mahesh Keshwala is on a roll as this month his second YouTube channel, ‘Thugesh Unfiltered’ crossed 500k subscribers. No doubt, he deserves all this because his content has the power to take us on a laughter marathon. From fun gaming and challenges to memes, his channel has it all and we wish that his social media family grows stronger every day.

4. Sameeksha Sud

Looks like June was quite special for Sameeksha Sud as she received the Silver Play button from YouTube. Sameeksha is one of the most loved creators who wins our hearts with her adorable and talented self. We are sure that you would not want to miss out on her happy-go-lucky content. So, check her channel out right away!

5. Agasthya Shah

A famous Gen-Z creator Agathya Shah, whose content has been making rounds on the internet finally received the Silver Play button from YouTube. The truth is that every time we watch and scroll through Agasthya’s videos we just can’t stop laughing and agreeing to all his hilarious content. His cuteness and OG content keeps us hooked to his channel day and night.

6. Taneesha Mirwani

The Taneeshow, full masti and majha scenes is a YouTube channel that will give you your daily dose of entertainment! Taneesha Mirwani is a talented content creator who vlogs about her unfiltered daily life and also takes up fun challenges and pranks. Well, the good news is that this month she received the Silver Play button from YouTube. We are super proud of her for achieving such a great milestone. Ngl, but if you haven’t subscribed to The Taneeshow, then you are surely missing out!

7. Sunny Chopra

Sunny Chopra has got some really fun content on his YouTube channel. This month he received the Silver Play button from YouTube and to watch him achieve this makes us feel nothing but proud. We are supremely happy and cannot wait to watch him collaborate, dance, prank and create more hilarious content on his channel in the near future.

There you go! These were a few creators whose unique content has been an absolute visual treat to watch. Their content also helped many of us keep our spirits high while sitting at home. Hope to see you all continue creating and achieving amazing milestones in the near future too. Also, we hope everyone reading this article is keeping well, and avoiding stepping out in these incredibly uncertain times.