If you want to transform your inconsistent fitness routine into a perfect one then you are at the right place. When creators post about their fitness and wellness routines, don’t you get encouraged? Now, imagine if I introduced you to their source of motivation, their fitness trainers! From diets to exercising to energizing, these creator trainers will not only get you out of bed but, will pump you up for that killer workout. So, get ready with me and bring your sneakers to squat and sweat it out with these fitness trainers right away!

Here they are:

1. Kanav Vohra a.k.a. Getfitwithkanav

Kanav is a fitness instructor whose workout challenges are popular amongst different creators. Have you heard about his #35DaysOfSweatChallenge? Kanav has transformed creators like Sonal Devraj into fitness freaks!  I personally love how his workout content keeps me motivated. Well, his caption here says let’s workout together hell yeah, I am ready to get fit with Kanav, are you?

2. Pranit Shilimkar a.k.a. Fitnesstalks_with_pranit

Looking for a fitness instructor who gives you a daily dose of workout motivation? Then look no more. Pranit Shilimkar is the master of training creators and has trained not one but many creators like Komal Pandey, Kusha Kapila, Ankush Bahuguna, Sonali Bhadauria and the list continues. Famous for his #37DaysChallenge, he aims to transform lifestyles and push people to never give up through his fitness talks. Trust me, this is exactly the kind of motivation I need right now. Brb, time to do some squats!

3. Gaurav Pawar a.k.a. Itsallaboutjourney

Ever thought about how Mrunu looks so fit and fab always? Okay hear me out, the secret behind her fitness is Gaurav a.k.a. itsallaboutjourney. Yes, that right, Gaurav is a fitness trainer whose workout, wellness and healthy meal plans have been a great success in making people more fit. I personally tried his workout session and felt super fresh and energetic.

4. Divy Chheda a.k.a. Doitrightbydiv

Doitrightbydiv is your one-stop destination for pre-workout and post-workout tips. Divy Chheda is an amazing coach whose fitness content gets my ‘Beast’ mode on! As the name suggests, he shares the right postures of doing different exercises which are super helpful. He has not only trained our fave, Viraj Ghelani but has made him fitter and now I  am going to religiously follow his content.

5. Amit Dhaiya

Every time I watch Santoshi Shetty’s fitness content, I imagine her trainer Amit Dahiya saying ‘How’s the Josh?‘ and Santoshi pumped up with energy replying to him, ‘High Sir’ with her effortless planks and push-ups! Sound dramatic right, but trust me you will feel the same once you check out his workout sessions and bootcamps, they are all power-packed.

6. Nayan Veer

After looking at how Nayan Veer trains creators like Sakshi Malik and Karishma Govil, I legit feel motivated to work out sincerely and burn that extra calory. With his workout plans and diet meals, he transforms people from ordinary to extraordinary. He surely is a mind-blowing instructor and would love to train under him someday!

7. TC1 – EMS

I am sure you have all heard about TC1 -EMS! A fitness training guide that amalgamated tech and fitness together. The talented, Vivek Dhadha a.k.a. thesoboguys is know for his muscular and fit body. Well, the credit goes to his trainer Sameer Shaikh who is an amazing coach. The way he makes Vivek work out on those muscles totally inspires me to try out these exercises at the gym.

Our list ends here! There are many fitness instructors out there but follow these trainers to keep your fitness goals in sight and to become fitter, healthier, happier. I love to see them motivate and push creators harder to work out and sweat out. On a side note, it is very important to take care of your physical and mental health currently. So, stay home, play some peppy music and start your workout routine right now!