One minute your carefully applying your lipstick and in the next second that little twitch or bump sends your lipstick flying and streaking across your face. We’ve all been there at some point or another. It’s a huge mess that even ruin up your precise foundation base that you now have to clean up. It’s even a bigger bummer when you’re trying to apply your liquid lipstick and the watery formula gets all over the place, smearing in the corners of your lips. I’ve been there myself time and time again. With my small lips, the corners are the toughest to conquer when you want a smooth even application. This is why this latest viral lipstick hack sounds absolutely genius.

I’m not going to lie when I first heard about it I never really tried it because it just seemed so silly and not worth the effort. I just brushed it aside and moved on, but recently this trick has been making its rounds on Instagram and TikTok with great success. The original clip comes from none other than Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty and the video of her trying it on her sister Mona Kattan all the way back in 2018. Along with this crafty hack that involves using a Q-tip, the YouTube video was chock-full of other helpful beauty hacks. This time around though it clearly had the masses impressed so I had to try it out for myself and see if it was actually worth the hype.

Keep scrolling to see the results of this viral lipstick hack:

A pretty straightforward hack, all you need is to grab a cotton swab and place it right between your lips. Put it right between your lips so that only the cotton edges are sticking out. TBH this felt pretty awkward but you just got to go with it. Then just start applying for your lipstick like normal. The swabs act like a buffer against any hard to reach corners avoiding any smearing. Once you remove it you’ll supposedly find mess-free lines. And let me tell you I wasn’t expecting much but was pleasantly surprised. You can totally use this trick with your bullet lipstick but I found the results especially fantastic when using my liquid lipsticks. Usually, the watery formula tends to slip all over the corner edge, with this it was the perfectly smooth and clean application

Sure you could apply your lipstick the normal way and be super careful but this made it so much easier! It definitely adds some control to your application and I did my lips way faster than usual. All in all, I’d recommend giving this hack a try if you haven’t already. However, if you still struggle with corners, you can keep a lipstick brush handy it could be the answer to your problems.

Check out the original video here:

What do you think about this lipstick hack? Yay or nay? Let us know in the comments below.

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