The internet is an interesting space, you never know what can go viral at any point in time. Right from super fun challenges to dance to music audios to hella relatable memes, creators left no stone unturned in churning out trending content. Moreover, I came across all types of age groups giving these catchy viral challenges a try with their own lil’ twist. So, here are a few viral trends of June that made it to my list. What are you waiting for, start scrolling and try them all out if you haven’t already!

Here we go!

1. 3D photo trend

An editing trend that gives your picture a whole new dimension is still making rounds on my Reel explorer. All you need to do for this trend is choose the pictures you want to edit then add the 3D effect to these pictures in a separate app which is called CapCut. Well, this is it, the end results make this trend visually appealing and super mesmerizing. So, if you haven’t tried this trend yet, you surely are missing out on something super cool.

2. #NotAPhoto challenge

If you don’t know the “Make people think it’s a photo” challenge, you are surely living under a rock! If you’ve got steady hands and are great at posing then you may wanna try this viral trend out yourself. The super cool challenge is to freeze and stand in one place and to make it look like your video is a still photo. Once the music beat drops, you move and reveal that it was a video the whole time. The challenge successfully fooled me personally ‘cuz all the creators have done it so smoothly.

3. Dilli Wali Girlfriend x Sky Is Falling Down

Is this particular remix by Nagma Mirajkar on ‘Sky Is Falling Down’ and ‘Dilli Wali Girlfriend’ stuck in your head for the past few days or are you normal? Ngl, this is one of my fave trends so far, the idea behind this challenge is to show your glam and transformed self as soon as the beat drops. Many creators came up with multiple variations and added their own little twist to this trend. The most common transition was of your earrings falling down. Brb, need to start Reeling variations of this one right away!

4. GTA Filter

GTA game fans where y’all at? Little did anyone know that this popular game will one day become a trendsetter on Instagram. This trend is super quirky and fictional that leaves you with a swagger and sassy static GTA cover look. All you have to do is act poised and when the beat drops you will get your perfect gangsta look. Who doesn’t want to be on the GTA game cover right? Well, here’s your opportunity so grab it before the trend fades.

5. Phone Ya

Phone Ya is one of the latest trends in town with so many talented creators jumping on the bandwagon! The song is super peppy and groovy and the hook step of this trend of dialing the phone number to an instant transition is quite cool. Sejal Kumar is totally nailing this challenge and her moves left me shook! Lastly, I have been enjoying watching this trend a little too much.

6. Don’t talk to me

#DontTalkToMe is a trend that is buzzing on the internet, with Playboi Carti’s popular track Punk Monk. It’s a viral trend with only hand gestures. It’s quite savage and I love how creators have given their own twist to this one. This Reel by Sakshi Shivdasani is so on-point. Listening is the ultimate answer to all our problems ‘cuz we all know how to deal with it tbh, as said by her, if you can’t sympathize then #DontTalkToMe, for real. I can relate to this 100% can you?

7. Watermelon Sugar x Seaside

This viral trend Reel left me with a sugar rush, if you don’t believe me then check it out for yourself. The popular track, Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles merged with Fabricio TJ‘s Seaside is one heck of a trending audio. Tbh, the more I hear this audio-mix, the more I fall in love with it. With this audio, creators transition Reels sure did get enhanced to a whole new level, didn’t it now? Saving this one for some future transition inspo!

8. Dance Trend – Poof Be Gone

While this dance trend doesn’t have a specific name, it surely is extremely fun and entertaining. The moves are simple to follow, hence a lot of creators jumped on this trend. I really enjoyed watching Aadil Khan, Mr. Faisu and Faiz Baloch shake a leg together on this trending tune. This trio absolutely set the stage on fire and I cannot wait to watch them collaborate and create more viral trends together.

9. Transition Trend

This one is yet another quirky transition trend that kept me hooked to my screen for hours. All you have to do when the beat drops is pull your hand back and switch to your swagger and boujee look instantly. It’s a transition trend that showcases 2 sides of your style. Well, if you haven’t tried this one then give it a shot ASAP.

Well, these were all the trends that took over social media in June and all of them were super quirky and entertaining. We love how creators take up these challenges and give them their own little twist. Which trend out of this list is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below! Also, while trying out these trends make sure you all stay home and staying safe.