I have a confession to make, every time you think I am being ‘productive’ I am usually just scrolling through Instagram. There are so many talented content creators on the ‘gram and I know how challenging it is to stand out from the crowd. However, one creator who has managed to break the clutter is Yuvraj Dua. His comic timing instantly caught my attention and I found his Reels straight-up hilarious. Yuvraj tries all viral trends and gives them a quirky little twist that’s so refreshing to watch. So, if you are looking for your daily dose of entertainment then you’ve to check out these funny Reels by him. I literally just keep cackling whenever I come across his content.

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1. Hey, are you in love?

Watching Yuvraj rant about a few popular viral trends is so hilarious and entertaining! Also, I love how he literally just spills facts, which I can entirely relate to.

2. Public Service Announcement

Everybody needs to watch this Reel, on repeat. Once again, Yuvraj is just spilling hard truth but in his own comical way. If you know anyone who is planning to flout the lockdown rules and go outdoors for leisure, please show them this video.

3. Dance at its best

I absolutely enjoy creators who come up with versatile content. While most of Yuvraj’s content is comical, time and again he creates something that’s unexpected and entertaining. Watching him try Shazeb Sheikh’s popular choreo has motivated me to give it a shot as well!

4. 2019 was a vibe

This Reel is hitting me right where it hurts ‘cuz it’s literally so accurate and relatable. I really think we took 2019 for granted and look at us regretting that now. I enjoy watching content that resonates with me, which is exactly why I am hooked to Yuvraj’s videos.

5. Most relatable ever

The moment Reels was launched in India, I knew this was going to take up most of my screen time and that’s exactly what happened. I can relate to this video on a different level altogether and I am sure many of y’all do too. However, I think all of us can agree that even though scrolling through Reels is addictive, it’s quite entertaining. So, no regrets! 😛

6. Those captions tho

C’mon, let’s just all agree that we all have that one friend who puts the most quirky and interesting captions under their pictures. I love how Yuvraj was able to create something so relatable based on something we have seen happening so often around us and it’s just hilarious.

7. If our books could talk

This Reel came in as a personal attac to me and surely many others ‘cuz all of us have a love-hate relationship with our books, don’t we? I have lost count of how many friends I sent this video to because it’s just so relatable and funny.

So, these were just a few of my favourite Reels out of all the amazing content he has on his Instagram page. You might just get addicted to his feed and keep on scrolling. Tell me, which video did you find the most relatable in the comments below. Also, I hope all of you are staying home, staying safe and following all the required safety protocols.