It’s July which means we are officially in SUMMER mode worldwide! Well, raise your hand if you love summers? Summertime has always been one of my fave times of the year as there’s so much to love and do. As the temperature rises up the air becomes warm and we get transported to a sunshine state of mind. The good news is that summer also comes with some great sources of content inspiration, and is a great time to try something new, cool and vibrant. So, let the summertime season of sunglasses and sunscreen begin with these creator posts that will give you tons of vitamin D.

Here are posts that give us the summery vibe:

1. Dolly Singh

Dolly Singh is a content creator whose sassy and witty content has us nod our heads with relatability and at the same time have us shaking with laughter. I don’t know about you all but her series, ‘If something was an aunty’ is very creative and thought-provoking. ‘If A.C and coolers were aunties’ is not only my fave but also 100% apt for the summer heat. Tbh, for a minute I mentally transported A.C and coolers as aunties in real life. Hehe!

2. Komal Pandey

The sun is out, the temperature has risen, now you are left wondering how to drape a saree that matches the summer vibe. No stress, Komal here styles a dreamy summer saree that is vibrant, chic and super colourful. I am totally saving this post by Komal for my summer saree inspo, how about you?

3. Shivesh Bhatia

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! I am sure you all will agree that summers are incomplete without some cold ice popsicles. Shivesh Bhatia lifted my summer spirits with his mouth-watering homemade easy ice popsicles using the summer fruits like mango, watermelon etc. Ngl, but I just put my tropical popsicle in the freezer, this surely is a must-try, to beat the heat with some coolness.

4. Aashna Hegde

Aashna Hegde’s styling is straight-up goals! As we scroll through her pictures we can feel the summer sunshine through her pastel and colourful outfit. Well, is it just me or do you also relate to Aashna’s changing expressions? Ah, her last picture is what my face looks like the majority of the time when exposed to the sun during summers.

5. Mrunal Panchal and Anirudh Sharma

When I say summer, the colour that first comes to our mind is yellow, amirite? So, if I don’t add this post to my list it defo would be a crime. First of all, Mrunu and Anirudh are twinning and winning my heart with their adorable self. Secondly, this picture of them is screaming SUMMER and also #CoupleGoals.

6. Radhika Seth

Do you guys remember the summer vacations that we had when we were kids? Well, Radhika’s me-time is reminding me of those days that were full of fun and things we loved to do! Painting is very therapeutic and what adds to the summery vibe and feel here are the pastel shades and artwork. I absolutely love Radhika’s aesthetic feed that radiates happiness, positivity, and vibrancy.

7.  Juhi Godambe

Summertime is wedding time! Juhi Godambe’s wedding shenanigans reveal and prove the same. The colourful and floral decor says it all. Well, these pictures of Juhi are making me wanna attend a summer wedding right away. Also, what can we even say about Juhi’s outfit? She looks stunning and gorgeous.

8. Kanka Das

Jumping on to trends with a summery twist is what I was looking for on my ‘gram. Kanka Das with her make-up skills literally made a watermelon on her face and jumped on the trending audio watermelon x seaside. After looking that this Reel and Kanka’s summer inspiration I can just say that she is one in a melon!

So, here were some amazing summery pictures that gave us the 3x brighter and vibrant sunny vibes! Every time we look at these creators’ posts we can’t help but get inspired by how they manage to get such a perfect summertime picture. Tell us in the comments below whose picture gave you major summer feels? Also, on a side note, I hope you are all staying home and staying safe while basking in that summer vibe from the comfort of your own home.