Diipa Buller-Khosla has been trending on Google for all the right reasons. Last week, this content creator made an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival 2021 and she looked every bit stunning in each attire she donned. As she posted moments of her Cannes journey on her Instagram account, there was one post that seemed to have caught everyone’s attention. It was the one where Diipa was wearing a gorgeous yellow-hued gown along with a pair of breast pumps.

About Diipa’s Instagram post…

The content creator who delivered a baby girl a few months ago captured the very emotions of motherhood via this post. Her caption elaborated upon the journey and the feelings of being a mother that she could put into words.

As Diipa talks about what’s it like truly to be a mother, she also highlights ‘what does being a mother truly not mean’ in the caption. Diipa also mentioned that

I chose to shed light on this topic due to the countless messages or comments from people who’ve questioned and judged my decisions as a mother – An issue I’m certain that most women endure on social media.

She further wrote,

Whether I choose to breastfeed my daughter or not, should not be the subject of anybody’s conversation. There are countless concerns that go into breastfeeding, it simply doesn’t work for all mothers, something that no mother should be judged for online or off. In response to the frequently asked question, I’ve decided on supplementing at this stage (a combination of both breastfeeding and using a formula). Moreover, while I’m away for a two-day business trip, I prepared for my absence by breast-pumping multiple times prior to my departure.

This Instagram post by Diipa received a lot of love, appreciation and adulation from many. While many would have let the breast pump moment stay hush-hush, to have Diipa share this moment along with these raw and real thoughts is absolutely amazing. And we must add that Diipa has truly inspired many with this post. Kudos to you!

On a side note, we hope everyone is staying safe and is taking all the precautions necessary.