If you, like me love dancing, you would probably know that dance creators on social media often find it difficult to let their content shine and stand out from the rest. My feed is always flooded with creators and their dance choreographies but I just cannot seem to get enough of the mother-daughter duo who is dancing up a storm on the internet. Yes, you guessed it right it’s Niveditha Shetty and Ishanvi Hegde! With over 1.4 million subscribers on their YouTube channel Laasya, this duo has become a sensation for simple, innovative, graceful dance choreos and stunning expressions bringing back the old school Indian dancing on some Bollywood tracks. If you don’t believe me, check out a few of their dance videos below and I guarantee you that you will end up trying out all of their dance choreos ASAP.

Are you ready to learn some dancing?

1. Going all traditional

Well, what can I even say about this mother-daughter duo? I just wanna put a virtual ‘kaala teeka’  so that nazar na lagjaye. This simple yet cute Bollywood folk fusion choreography on the popular and trending Rajasthani song ”Banni” is just too perfect! Gosh, the steps, expressions and attire everything complements so well that I feel like going all traditional right away.

2. Grace at its epitome

“Tarasti hai nigahein” is one of my personal fave songs and the way this mother-daughter duo danced on this song makes me fall in love with it even more. Their grace, elegance and aadayein make me say ‘hayeee‘ and has me gushing over their dance choreography. Suggest me a better duo than Niveditha and Ishanvi for Bolly-Kathak fusion especially on this song, I will be waiting.

3. A dream come true

By now, I am sure everyone has fallen in love with “Nayan” song and has by-hearted its lyrics too. This dreamy dance choreography by this mother-daughter makes this song a mandate performance for all the brides. I have watched this 100 times now and don’t mind watching it 100 times more. Hehe!

4. Sangeet ready

Every time I watch this dance video I feel like attending a wedding, especially the ‘Sangeet‘ function! Once you watch this video, I guarantee that you won’t be able to resist trying out this simple yet energetic and graceful dance choreography. From matching sharara’s and thumkas to expressions, Niveditha and Ishanvi are an overload of cuteness and #MotherDaughterGoals.

5. Saluting martyrs with their dance

Dance is a unique form of expressing emotions without actually verbally saying anything. The mother-daughter duo inspires us with their talent every time. This dance video on “Teri Mitti” on Independence day was their way of showing love to our country and also saluting and respecting all the martyrs and frontline workers. I would like to give them a virtual standing ovation for this beautiful and emotional dance of theirs.

6. Queen of expressions

I love how this mother-daughter duo has translated the lyrics of this melodious and evergreen song “Piya tose naina” into this beautiful dance. With such fab expressions and amazing choreography, Niveditha and Ishanvi have won my heart and made me say ‘awww’ out loud.

These were some of the dance videos by Niveditha and Ishanvi that gave me the chills and made me fall in love with this duo more and more. I love, love, and love all their choreographies and if I had to choose one, then I just cannot ‘cuz they are all too good! But do you have a favourite on this list? Tell us about it in the comments.

On a side note, I hope everyone is taking all precautions, staying home, and staying safe while you watch this mother-daughter duo dancing with full grace and elegance.