Thanks to all the social media platforms that make viewing global content and talent possible. Today, in the digital world that we live in, we come across many global digital creators and influencers. Moreover, these individuals blow our minds with their colourful, cool and aesthetic content. We at trending feature an international creator every week who stuns us and makes a mark on Instagram through their content. But, if you don’t know who these creators are, then don’t worry you are at the right place. We have compiled a list of international creators whose Instagram accounts you must follow right away without any further ado.

Here they are:

1. Zach King

Zach King is the mastermind of super cool pranks, short magic tricks with a twist and of course, transition videos. We believe, unlike acting and dance his niche is super unique and that’s the reason behind his great success. Oh boy, he always takes us by surprise and makes us yell, HOW…WHAT…WHERE! If you don’t already follow him on Instagram, we’d suggest you hit the follow button right away.

2.Niana, Ranz Kyle & Natalia Guerrero

Let us tell you something, we are big fans of the ‘Guerrero’ siblings and we absolutely love their dance routines! In simple words, they are #SiblingGoals who straight-up burn the stage on fire with their superstar sass, style and smooth dance moves. Well, their dance challenges are famous all around the world. Also, is it just us or do you also feel that the little munchkin, Natalia steals the spotlight every time with her cuteness?

3. Connor Franta

Connor Franta is an internet sensation with millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube. His content ranges from poetic films to lifestyle videos that take us in a dreamy world. Recently he launched his new book, ‘House Fires’ and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Well, if you are looking for a visually appealing feed then follow Connor Franta’s aesthetics via his Instagram account and prepare yourself to be awestruck!

4. Savannah Rose LaBrant

Savannah is drop-dead gorgeous, and she is a natural in front of the camera. A mother of 3 kids who effortlessly balances motherhood and content creation makes Savannah probably one of the few creators to successfully do so. Kudos to you! Every time we watch her family create content together we can’t seem to stop ourselves from saying ‘awww’ with infinite ‘W’s‘. They are all just too adorable and we totally live for happy families like these.

5. Ricky Pond

Ricky Pond or Dancing Dad? Well, he is an extraordinary man who loves dancing, moreover, he is a big fan of Bollywood and some regional language songs from India. We have seen him dance to some popular numbers from the yesteryears and recent hits as well. Today, he is a digital superstar, not only in India but is recognized globally. OMG, watching him enjoy each and every video of his with his fam making special appearances is something that brightens up our day and feed!

6. Gina

Gina is one such international creator who made it on our top list of digital creators for her innovative, eye-catching, and global trendsetting dance choreographies. How many of you were hooked to the ‘Rude Boy‘ and ‘One Dance‘ viral dance routines? Well, Gina is the queen behind these super LIT dance moves, she is a superb dancer whose energy, sharp hits and defined movements can blow someone’s mind.

7. Jules Trass

OMG, someone please pinch us ‘cuz we have gone into the world of Jules Trass’s dad life! We just cannot get enough of his family life and his fatherhood journey videos. We have binged his super cool transition and trending videos with his little angel 100 times now and will not mind watching them 100 times over again. This one right here is a perfect example of what overload of cuteness means. Head on over to Jules’ page, click the follow button, and get the world’s cutest dad-daughter videos.

So, these were a few international creators whose content really grabbed my attention. Whether you are a digital creator, seeking inspiration, or want to stay updated with what’s trending globally, these creator’s Instagram accounts will help you all. We would love to know from the above-mentioned international creators which creator did you find entertaining unique and fun? Tell us in the comments below. Also, I request everyone to not step out and stay safe.