Actor Jassie Gill has been making a name for himself in Bollywood. With every film of his, the actor makes sure he gets noticed. Be it Panga with Kangana Ranaut, Happy Phirr Bhaag Jaayegi with Sonakshi Sinha, or even his latest film with Surbhi Jyoti called Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai? Jassie is just here to impress.

And in an exclusive conversation with me, this talented man talking about making it big at the movies, starting his own music label, and lots more. Read the entire conversation below…

I have been pretty impressed with you in the trailer of Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai? How was your experience of working on this film, especially in terms of it releasing on OTT?

Honestly, the film was supposed to have a theatrical release, but due to Covid, we had to shift the release to OTT 4-5 months back. The film has been made also from a theatrical point of view. As far as my experience goes, this was a little different and difficult for me, I was a little scared initially. Especially because the films I did earlier whether in Bollywood or Punjab, did not have me go out of my comfort zone. Speaking another state’s language, gauging that culture, carrying that look was initially difficult for me. But after that, I got comfortable with the character and enjoyed working on it.

Let me tell you, with your performance not even for a second do we feel that you are a Punjabi, you have gotten into the skin of the character so well.

(Laughs) I was extremely scared at the start because it was very different for me. But my director Saurabh Tyagi supported me a lot. He asked me to catch the feel of the scene, and not worry about the accent. He said that could be taken care of while dubbing. My main aim in this film was to stick to the feel of the scene. So when the film went for editing I was wondering how much I might have to redo, but luckily on four scenes had some corrections, which was a relief for me. It gave me confidence, now I can think to experiment.

Can we say your journey has been very good so far, you have played impactful roles, your first film Happy Phirr Bhaag Jaaegi with Sonakshi Sinha, then Panga with Kangana Ranaut and now this one with Surbhi Jyoti, you have worked with some leading names in the film and TV industry?

I am very happy that whatever work I have done has gotten noticed. That was my idea when I signed films. I never think that the film should be a super-hit or that it makes me a superstar. Even today, I don’t think like this, I started my singing career in 2011 and have been taking one step at a time. Luckily, things have been good, but I know that this process is slow and it takes time, one song will not make me a sensation. So I always wanted to do work that got me noticed, and this is what I kept in mind while selecting films too. My first film was signed in 2016 and so far I am very happy with my journey. I feel I am on the right track. Now OTT has given actors like me an amazing platform because it has all kinds of content. I just want people to watch and enjoy my films.

Considering you started off as a singer, was becoming an actor always the plan?

I have been very fond of singing right from the beginning, as a child, I always wanted to have my own music album. I used to be very attracted to singers, I used to listen to music a lot. As for acting, I was told that I could be an actor. This happened when I started featuring in music videos. In 2011 when my album came, the video trend had begun where the singer sang in the video, this is also a major reason why many Punjabi songs are being played across the world today. I never knew that through my songs, I was moving towards acting. Doing this, I started receiving offers for Punjabi films, my first Bollywood film was also offered to me because of my song. I knew about singing, but I never knew that I could act too.

So far in your career, what has the Bollywood industry taught you?

Here I have learned that you are hardworking and talented, you will be noticed. It is not necessary to have that heroism, good looks, or body to be an actor today, all that has been left behind. Today, if you manage to entertain the audience they will notice you.

If you have to play another role in Bollywood, other than romance, what would it be?

Someone once told me that I would really look good in a negative role. It would be very different, so I think it would be that. Now when I get scripts I choose from them and god willing, I would want to play a negative character which is quite opposite to my personality. I would also love to do a sports film, I have played cricket, I am a national volleyball player, so if anything like this comes my way, I would put my heart and soul into it.

You have worked in both, Bollywood and the Punjabi industry. What according to you is the difference between the two industries in terms of the process?

There’s not much difference in terms of content. Ever since OTT has boomed, the content that has been started being made in the Punjabi industry is amazing. We have a Punjabi OTT platform where exclusive content is available and they have also started experimenting with genres. It’s not just comedy anymore. The Punjabi industry is not very old, which is why it is very small. The audience is limited, but it is growing due to OTT now. Bollywood has been existing for a while now, it has big budgets, renowned technicians, but in Punjab just to make good content we have to compromise in several aspects. But both industries are making amazing content.

What’s the plan ahead Jassie?

I have few projects in hand, it is a film that I will be shooting for, but I cannot reveal much about it. But babaji ki mehr hai that it’s all going good. I am in talks for something else too, but I don’t want to rush and do anything just for the sake of it. I have also launched my own music label where I am putting my own content. I make lots of content in music, but it wasn’t reaching people, hence I decided to start my own label. I will be soon launching my first album on that label and I have been involved in it from A to Z. This is a new thing that I planned in the lockdown. Today you are judged with the views your song gets, and if it doesn’t do well, labels start judging you based on that, which is why I started my own label.

Well, I am totally looking forward to seeing Jassie Gill’s latest film Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai? that releases tomorrow (10th September), and also see more from the actor on screen in the future. And I am sure you are too. Stay tuned!