By now, most of us must have understood that Instagram is one such platform that is flooded with every kind of content. From fashion and dance to fitness and makeup this social media app is the one-stop destination for all our sources of entertainment. Now, when it comes to Reels, transitions are always a perfect pick, don’t you agree? Well, some beauty creators left us stunned with their creative makeup transitions and had us double-tap the heart pronto. Wanna know who are they, check ‘em out right here!

Let’s get you flabbergasted…

1. Mrunal Panchal

Mrunu’s makeup skills really left us spellbound! Well, it would be a crime to not talk about it. Absolutely love how creative she gets with her looks and transitions. Here’s one of our fave makeup Reels of her, honestly she has managed to seamlessly nail every emoji recreation, don’t you agree?

2. Shraddha Gurung

Her creativity, innovation and effort always leave us speechless and so do her fans! In this transition Reel, Shraddha Gurung a.k.a Lilmissgurung uses her face as a canvas to showcase the different elements of the Earth. Can you guess how many hours she must have taken to finish this masterpiece look?

3. Faby

All the Money Heist fans, this one is especially for you guys. Right from the face structure to those eyes and mustaches, this Dali mask look is absolutely bang-on! What tops this transition Reel is her red jumpsuit and Bella Ciao music in the background. Well, Fabby instantly transported us to the bank of Spain in no time, hehe!

4. Dikshita Jindal

We need some time to process how accurate this transformation by Dikshita is, don’t you agree? The professor is a strong and witty character and Dikshita has captured the essence of this character perfectly here. Honestly, we absolutely did not expect a transition Reel like this, something that makes us speechless. Signing a petition to cast Dikshita as The professor in the next series of heists!

5. Tanya Joshi

Reels are not easy to make especially if they include loads of transitions and editing in them. But Tanya Joshi has aced these transitions and how? Her USP is that she creates engaging, groovy makeup transition Reels on popular music tracks, just like the one here. If you haven’t checked out her content yet then we must say you are defo missing out on some talent!  

So, these are some of the amazing beauty creators who are dazzling our feed with their stellar makeup transition Reels. We simply can’t get enough of how creative and innovative they all are. Not just that but they are taking makeup to a whole new level on social media. Also on a side note, we hope everyone is staying home and staying safe.