Can I be honest? A few creators have literally shown me the power of true love through their Instagram feeds. Coming to this fab married couple, Sachet Tandon and Parampara Tandon have literally created such an astonishing mark on the ‘gram with their soothing voices and creativeness. Not just that, how can their feed not have those cute moments together? If you wanna know what I am talking about then scroll down to check it out.  

Scroll down for some ‘Ishq Wala Love‘!

1. Couples who sing together sync together

Hayee, they exactly know how to make us all fall in love with them. I love how passionately both of them looked at each other in just the first 15 seconds of this Reel. Needless to say, how accurately they’ve chosen the perf song as a gift for their fan clubs, #Spains! Did you also notice that they matched each other’s vibe so damn perfectly in this Reel?

2. Kheeche mujhe koi dore, teri ore

If this Reel did not take you to a filmy road then idk what will! You know what’s more romantic than singing love songs, watching lovers sing romantic songs together. The cutest part is when they bump their heads against each other in the most ‘aww-dorable’ way. And OMG, Sachet’s reaction to her kiss had my heart. <3

3. Let’s nacho

All the dancers in the house, what’s your take on their prompt performance? I totes think it’s super se bhi upper kinda performance! Them doing bhangra together has honestly gotten me stunned. I must tell you, their feed is filled with such positive vibes only.

4. Before & after marriage

This Reel has really shocked me only ‘cuz I’m surprised by how they created such fab content. It’s not only relatable but hilarious as well. I’m so sure all the couples would relate to this! Another thing they’ve phenomenally aced is acting, which is too good.

5. Pheli nazar mein kaisa jaadu kar diya

Awww, this has to be one of the cutest ways of proposing, isn’t it? I love how low-key and simple the proposal is. Honestly, they look so happy together and the only song I can imagine seeing them together is ‘still falling for you‘. Applying a virtual kaala teeka to the two of them, nazar na lage is pyaari jodi ko!

6. Tujh mein rab dikhta hai

Haha, in spite of all the fights and quarrels they still come back to each other no matter what! They’ve got everything balanced pretty well, isn’t it? Whether it is their relationship, their music or their goofy nature they have got it all covered. At the end of the day what matters is that they support and uplift each other.

Yay, these are just 6 Reels out of the hundreds of Reels they’ve created on their pages. So, don’t forget to check their profiles out. Also, I hope you guys are staying home and are safe at the same time booking your vaccine slots.