For a content creator to be successful, one of the most important traits is to make sure to stay true to yourself with your content. So even while hopping on Reel trends, adding your own twist and vibe just adds that charm to the content now doesn’t it? One such creator to do this and that too with much finesse is Melvin Louis. This creator’s dance Reels can absolutely get you hooked to his feed. Check out some of his Reels here!

Ready. Set. Go!

1. The Way You Make Me Feel

Watch this Reel once and we bet you won’t be able to stop watching this one on loop. This video is filled with a charming vibe which is total feels. The highlight of this Reel definitely has to be the Michael Jackson toe stand. Mind-blown and how!

2. Lover

Wanna know how to make some kick-ass dance moves look so smooth and effortless? Let Melvin show you how that’s done. He always manages to nail it with his choreographies. Anyone else thinking of Remixing this Reel like us?

3. In Da Ghetto

Woah, the energy and swagger vibe in this Reel is high and unmatched. Also, those dance moves performed by Melvin and Sandeepa Dhar are so good that can you blame us for watching this Reel on loop?

4. Raataan Lambiyaan

This Bollywood number from the movie, Shershaah, has been trending on Instagram and still seems to have its magic on the listeners. This Reel by Melvin also featuring Harleen Sethi is so cute and filled with absolute love vibes. If you’re looking at creating a Reel with your bae, let this video be your inspo.

5. Is Tarah Aashiqui Ka

We absolutely love how there’s a build-up in this video, which sets the mood. The amazing moves that follow next sure did leave us mind-blown, especially with the finesse and grace with which Sandeepa and Melvin moved. Who wouldn’t want to try out this choreography?

6. Faraar

Working this Reel like total smooth operators are Melvin and Priyanka Pereira Chhabria. The dance moves here are so good and amazing, that we’re defo saving this one to try it out super soon!

7. Butter

The hit track, Butter by the K-pop band BTS, has been a reigning one on the ‘gram. And the dance moves done by Melvin and Vidhushree Arya are so good and unique that probably tops our favourite Reels by Melvin, what about you?

So these were a few Reels by Melvin Louis that were so good and absolutely amazing. We can’t wait to watch more such amazing dance Reels by him with his generous sprinkle of twists. So please keep ‘em coming! Also, on a side note, we hope everyone reading this is staying safe and have taken your vaccination shots.