Instagram is a super dynamic social media platform. If you explore the app to its depth you will find a lot more hidden features and hacks. We love the fact that the makers of Instagram keep updating and revamping the 'gram almost every week to make it more user friendly. In case you don't know about these features, dw we've always got you covered. So, c'mon scroll away to know a few insightful Instagram hacks.

What The Hack!

1. Adding a filter to a Reel

Many people are not aware of this feature where you can add a filter to an existing Reel. It's super simple as all you have to do is follow the steps shown above and make your Reels super quirky and unique. Guess what, now you can even choose trending filters from the same section. This will defo help your Reel garner more reach. So, try it out right away!

2. Gradient font colour

This one has to be one of the best hacks that Instagram has provided us with. It's literally a lifesaver and also adds to the basic aesthetics of the story. Yes, now you can add a different colour to each of your letters on your story. How? For that, you will have to scroll up again and view the post. It's worth the watch as you might just thank us later!

3. Tagged posts

If you wanna wish your friends on their birthdays and are out of pictures with them then dw there's an alternative to it. All you have to do is go to the creation and in the shoutout section choose an old image with the person's username. All the posts with that particular username will show up and then you can choose any of the pictures of your choice. To get better clarity, check out the Reel on top!

4. High-resolution images

Are you tired of uploading low-quality images too, just like us? Then well you've come to the right place. Honestly, I always look at uploading high-quality pictures for my profile as it defo enhances the overall look and feel of the feed. If you too wanna see how we always manage to put out the best quality pics then you should defo check out this Reel.

Well, I'm sure everyone out here loves jumping onto trending Reels and audios. But how do you know which audio is trending? Well, there's an arrow next to the audio which is trending. This will not only push your videos to a larger audience but also increase your reach and visibility. Check this feature out right now, we're waiting!

6. Bio your niche

If you're a content creator or a person who has a specific niche to their profile then this feature is really a game-changer for you. It's very important for you to mention your niche in the bio as it helps the audience to know your genre without scrolling through your feed. This also helps in getting more visibility when someone searches for your niche example fashion or dancer. The steps to change the bio is in the Reel above!

7. Crop Reel image

Thank god for this feature, life has become so much simpler since this feature. Honestly, making sure that the creators head does not get cut on the feed while uploading the Reel, was a task. But, since Instagram came up with this feature we have put it to our advantage and made sure we crop the image every time before we post. This makes sure that our feed looks presentable. You should try it too as it will add to the aesthetics of your feed.

There you go, these were a few hacks that we discovered and who better to share it with than you all? So if you want to keep yourself updated with all the new hacks then follow us on @missmalini and @missmalinitrending for a new hack every Thursday. Till then, hope everyone reading this is staying safe and getting your vaccination slots booked.