Vicky Kaushal has had a string of hits and while he has delivered some amazing performances through his diverse films, the latest one to join the list is Sardar Udham. The film was released on Amazon Prime on October 16 and Vicky is seen playing the titular role in this Shoojit Sircar directorial. In the 2 hour 42 minute-long film, the makers have chosen to tell the story of a revolutionary who has gone down in history for avenging the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Honestly, the film has an impactful subject and feel, however, if it was dealt with in a better manner, it would have been a visual treat.

Before I tell you what I like about Sardar Udham, I want you to see the film’s trailer here:

Things I liked about the film…

  1. Vicky Kaushal as Sardar Udham

Playing a freedom fighter or a revolutionary on screen is a different feeling I guess. Well, Vicky is at his charming best in this role, right from the first scene in jail to the last scene where he says, “Tell the world I was a revolutionary.” Everything about Vicky’s performance is quite good. He has brought out the simplicity and patriotism of Sadar Udham Singh very beautifully on screen. But what I loved the most was how brilliantly Vicky portrayed the character’s dilemma and fury in a balanced manner.

2. Amol Parashar as Bhagat Singh

Amol Parashar is the silver lining in Sardar Udham. Yes, he is playing an impactful character like Bhagat Singh, but getting its nuances so right is what Amol has done. Right from his glimpses in the first frame, there is a connection you build with Amol, and honestly, the scene when he is hanged pinched my heart. His dialogue delivery, his facial expressions will stay with you even after the film is over. I have to say, Amol is winning many hearts with this one.

3. Recreation of the era

I would really like to applaud Shoojit Sircar here for recreating the era so precisely. Be it the Punjab of 1919, or the London of 1930s-40s, every little detail has been paid attention to. From the cars to the phone booth to the costumes, the feel of that era is what adds to the film’s charm and that is what makes it visually appealing.

Things that could have been better…

  1. The flow of the story

One big complaint I have with this film is about the flow of its storyline. I am not saying the story is bad, in fact, it’s the most unadulterated version. However, it is sketchy in places. For example, the flashbacks are vague which can make it a little difficult for the audience to follow. After a few minutes into the film, when the London sequence starts and there are flashbacks, the jumps are so random that you get confused. Also, there are places where the story could have been crisper. Just when you try to figure out what is happening, you are in the flashback.

2. The impact intervals

I wanted the intensity of the story to be more, I wanted to get goosebumps, but sadly I didn’t. There are impactful scenes in the film, but at huge intervals. The scenes that I found to be strong ones were when Udham Singh shoots Michael O’Dwyer when Bhagat Singh is hanged, and the entire Jallianwala Bagh sequence. But these jolts of intensity were very few. I wanted this story to be more hard-hitting than it turned out to be. The film feels more like a docu-drama.

3. Lighting in the film

I don’t know if it is done consciously or not,  but the lighting in the film is quite dull. And that takes away from the film’s impact. Most scenes are gloomy and that lack of brightness takes away the intensity I feel. It also makes it tough to figure out what is happening in the scene causing a disconnect from the plot.

Sardar Udham has been produced by Ronnie Lahiri. The film will surely make for a great watch over the weekend.

My verdict: 3/5 stars