When it comes to beauty, we’re all a little vain… We all want that enternal glow, drink from that fountain of youth and just be an outright bombshell as we grow older and when the wrinkles add on, amirite? Well, a hot bod along with fresh and youthful looking skin is and should be everyone’s goal! And while some of the expecation and goals may be unreal, the road to maintaing your youthful glow (hair, skin, body and nails included) isn’t too farfetched. IMHO (and on the basis of a lot of research), there are a few surprising “tweaks” you can make to your current lifestyle that can help you maintain that youthful glow.

Tell Stress To Take A Hike

Stress is unfortunately a universal aggressor and tends to affect us all from time to time. If you’re able to manage your stress effectively, you’ll notice a positive impact on your overall well being. Start slow and small—yoga, meditation or even a 30 minute walk or run can instantly put you in a better state of mind.

Move Your Body

There’s a reason everyone’s always talking about the importance of exercise—it truly does have plenty of health benefits. Incorporating at least 30 minutes of exercise in your everyday routine helps release toxins, breaks down tissues and helps repair them.


Eat What’s Good For You—Yes, Fats Included

Whoever told you fats were bad, tell them to go take a hike! Good, nutritious fats can do wonders not only for your body but also for your mind. Good fats like that from nuts, fruits like avocados (when consumed in moderation), can actually help improve your skin as well as your body functions.

Shift Your Mindset

You know what they say… Positive mind, positive life… Ok no one said it but I’m saying it—Start thinking about the positives in your life. Negative thoughts will only lead you to stress more (refer to point number one please) and that negative thinking leads to toxicity and a bad aura and vibe overall. Listen to a podcast, join a mediation group, talk to your friends who radiate positive thinking and whose outlook on life can influence yours.


Health Is Wealth

A well-balanaced diet with the right amount of hydration is one of the best thing’s you can keep your body looking and feeling young and healthy—oh and, your skin pimple-free! Make sure your meals are wholesome and includes the right about of carbs, proteins, fats and veggies.

Channel Your Inner Yogini

Yoga isn’t new to most of us and our families, but it’s definitely one of the older more slow muscular movements one can do to tone and strengthen the body. It’s not as easy as the four letters in the word may appear to be. It’s a full-body workout that helps not only improve the body but also the mental state and mind and helps relax and work on every muscle in your body, keeping it functional.


Never underestimate the power of a good face and body massage… It can go a really long way in allowing your skin, muscles, tissue and other stressed out limbs of your body to heal and recuperate. Lympathic drainage is talked about a lot when it comes to skin care, you can do this with facial tools like the gua sha or bodily tools like a dry brush. But whatever it is that you’re doing, make sure you do it for 10-15 minutes a few times a week if not daily.


Get In Those Zzzzs

Believe it or not, the quantity and quality of sleep you have can really affect your body, mind and skin! Getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night is cruical if you want to feel and look good. A good night’s sleep is one of the most underrated things, yet one of the most powerful ways you can nourish your body and mind.

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