In the month gone by, many of our fave content creators crossed some impressive milestones and we’re super proud and happy for their achievements ‘cuz we believe they deserve it all and so much more. Ngl, we get super excited for them because we understand the hard work and creativity gone into each content piece that they deliver to keep us entertained. Now, we have compiled a list of such content creators who crossed big numbers on their respective YouTube channels with their talent and perseverance. Scroll through the list to check them out.

Here you go…

1. Mithilesh Patankar

Once an introverted engineering student, Mithilesh Patankar is now famously known as @mythpat across social media platforms. Not only did this talent house cross 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, but he also became the first Indian to be nominated at the International Streamy Awards, twice in a row. Woah, now that’s one massive achievement and we’re super proud of him.

2. Muskan Sharma

The beautiful, Muskan Sharma received the Golden Play Button from YouTube as she crossed 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, and that too within a year of starting her channel. We’re honestly so happy for her and we can’t wait to see her achieve so much more. We’re always eager to see more of her vlogs and what else she has in store for us.

3. @just_neel_things

The totes entertaining and talented content creator, Neel a.k.a. @just_neel_things received the Silver Play Button from YouTube last month. With such amazing and hilarious content, this was bound to happen and we’re extremely delighted to see him achieve great milestones. Wishing him many more of these in the many blessed years to come.

4. Karron Dhinggra

Karron Dhinggra a.k.a. @theformaledit crossed 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. We love how he rocks all kinds of styles in menswear and has such amazing ideas and options to replicate. He totes deserve it all, haina! Needless to say, from being a lawyer to a content creator, his journey is quite commendable.

5. Mahesh Keshwala

Mahesh Keshwala, better known as Thugesh crossed 800k subscribers on his YouTube channel called ‘Thugesh Unfiltered’ and it wasn’t even a surprise cause ‘cuz he absolutely deserves this reward for being so consistent and creative with all his videos. Tbh, he just gets better with each video.

6. Mayur Jumani

Apart from crossing 700k subscribers on his YouTube channel, Mayur Jumani also crossed 400k followers on Instagram. We totes adore his musical journey and wait with bated breaths for him to drop his next song ‘cuz they’re all so damn amazing, right?

7. Saloni Gaur

We’ll most probably ‘run out’ of words if we were to describe how much we love this hilarious creator and her epic and entertaining content. We are so happy for her to have crossed 600k subscribers on her YouTube channel last month. We can’t wait for her to receive all her dues cause she totes deserves it all.  

8. Sarah Hussain

This one’s a double dhamaka as Sarah Hussain, popularly known as @zingyzest crossed 100K subscribers on both her eponymous YouTube channel as well as ‘Zingy Zest Cooks‘. This is one delicious piece of news that we loved in our inbox in October and we look forward to many more of these.

Okay then, these were some of the talented content creators that achieved some huge milestones in the month of October and we’re super happy and proud of them. Y’all should check them out if you haven’t already. On a different note, we hope you’re booking your slots to get vaccinated.