Several Bollywood stars have been making us proud lately with their International stints. Taking their talent to the global stage, these Indian actors have opened a gate for the world to come closer. Amongst them is Sikandar Kher, who will be soon seen in an international film titled Monkey Man. It will be directed by the talented Dev Patel and will essentially be a Hollywood project. Putting his heart and soul into his character, a Mid-Day report says that Sikandar is now gaining 12 kilos to fit into the role.

As per the report, the star believes that it is important to match the physical appearance of an actor to that of the character he is playing. And so, deliberately going out of shape for the same, while important, is also a difficult thing to do. It must be noted that Sikandar always makes sure that he looks more like the character he is portraying.

Speaking about the same, Sikandar said:

However, Monkey Man is the biggest opportunity that has been given to me. It is a step forward in reaching out to a new audience. I wanted to give it my all. The film requires me to have a bulky figure, and I have worked hard to alter my structure to suit the role. Life has thrown this huge opportunity at me, and I am working hard to stay true to the character.

The report further adds that Sikandar went on a calorie-surplus diet and even trained a lot in order to get the required frame.

The actor added:

I try to look, think, and act like my characters. It won’t be wrong to say that I like to get under the skin of every character. The change is a gradual process, but I feel confident enough to tell you now that my part in Monkey Man is [the person] that I am, at the moment.

Dev Patel’s action thriller is written by Paul Angunawela and John Collee, along with Dev himself. It is set to release in 2022. Must say, Sikandar is one truly hardworking actor and all these efforts show in his work!