Keep Hustling! That’s all social media is about- Hustle! Hustle! Hustle! But is it the right way to go about checking off your to-do list? Hustle Culture can be termed as the state of overworking without an off time. It promotes overworking to the extent that it becomes a lifestyle. Hustling is obsessed with striving, relentlessly—which is positive! But once you get to it, it’s impossible to keep going without a breather.

Excessive toiling, overworking and exertion is the new glam! The majority of people beating the drums for Hustle Culture are financiers, managers, owners- never workers.

But what is hustle culture, exactly?

Hustle Culture preaches that: Success = Full-Time Productivity + No Off-Time! But, to deliver results, your work ethic needs to be consistent and efficient, not constant. The lockdown last year gave a break to the Hustling Culture before the anxiety kicked in and you almost started feeling guilty for taking a break!

And what can you do to combat its negative effects?

With the current working situation, striving beyond the work hours, over time, sitting in front of your laptop for hours on end is the new normal. There are a few ways you can combat this culture and pull yourself out of it, here’s what you can do!

1. Start With Small Breaks

Feeling guilty for taking a break is a very common feeling amongst the youth but it’s not wrong to take a break. To deal with the culpability of long breaks, start small! For every hour you sit in front of the laptop, take 5 minutes off to walk around the house, talk to people around you, do what can break the monotony.

2. Nap Time

Napping is the way to go! You need your sleep and you must get it. Try and squeeze a 15-minute power nap in your daily to-do and you’ll wake up feeling relaxed, refreshed and absolutely productive. Nap it out on days when you feel worked up and you’re on a roll!

3. Keep Yourself Engaged

The need to be productive is constant and if you can’t be, an impending feeling of guilt is looming over your head. To feel productive, take up a hobby! Reading, painting, working out, cooking, going out for walks- whatever it is that keeps occupied and makes you feel fulfilled.

4. Time Management

Overworking comes from a lack of time blocking. To get everything done without overworking yourself, time blocking is extremely essential. Taking up as many tasks as you can finish during the day and managing your time with it is the perfect way to strike a balance!

For the next time when you see a quote with colourful tiles on Instagram reading things that say,

“Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done!”

Take a deep breath and tell yourself,

“The next time I feel like giving up, I remember to rest not to quit!”

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