Are you having fun while working out? Exercise can be boring and repetitive, but it doesn’t have to be. Believe it or not, you can have lots of fun while working out! We are sure you must be thinking how? Well, here comes Instagram to our rescue, with so many new trends and popular music tracks releasing every-now-and-then, chances of adding that fun factor to your daily workout increases. Prajakta Koli is one such creator who gives us major fitness goals by incorporating a ‘fun’ twist to her workout routines. Don’t say anything further just scroll down to know how she does it!

Are you ready to shake it and work it?

1. But first, let me do the viral trend

Remember this dance trend? We kid you not but this Reel of Prajakta really got us groovin’ with her. And why not? It sure does have that wholesome entertainment factor to it. Excuse us, while we learn this trend and use it as our warm-up exercise, hehe!

2. Goofy weekend workouts

We are sure #DumDums will agree that Prajakta in her goofy element is the best, amirite? Sparing some time out to fool around is no crime! We absolutely love how she gave this trending song a comical twist. Prajakta really knows how to take breaks and chill out.

3. Drama mood on point  

Can Prajakta a.k.a. Mostlysane be any more real? This workout break Reel really had me rolling and laughing out hard. Her reaction when the song says, ‘Hit It’ is timeless and to know why we say this you have to watch the Reel for yourself. No doubt, Prajakta can turn any romantic situation funny.

4. Can we dance already?

Who said workouts are just cardio? Viral trends sure can become workout routines in themselves. Absolutely love how Prajakta gave the ‘Booty Wurk’ dance trend a Bollywood twist with her expressions. Her moves were so smooth and how, if Prajakta ever started a viral dance workout squad we would totally be the first ones to enroll.

5. Did someone say ‘Mi Hay Koli’?

For the longest time, Prajakta has been winning our hearts by creating some hilarious fun moments and #DumDums absolutely go ‘insaneee’ seeing Mostly Sane come out with her best. This fun workout of her dancing to the super hit Marathi song ‘Mi Hay Koli’ grabbed many eyeballs on the ‘gram. Moreover, it caught a few celebrities’ attention too. Here’s our confession, after we came across this Reel we have been jammin’ to this song for all our warm-ups, hehe!

6. Workout Buddies

Prajakta makes the statement “friends that sweat together, stay together” come true. What can be more fun than working out with your buddies? So, stretch and flex with some fun time with your fitness buddies right away. Also, can we just take a min to appreciate how beautifully Prajakta and her friends hold the headstand pose!

All we can say is that let’s add that oomph factor to our workout routines from tomorrow itself. These Reels of Prajakta remind and motivate us to stay fit and fab! So, what are you all waiting for, learn some new dance trends and save some trending audio to rock n’ roll your fitness routine! On a side note, while you make workouts fun don’t forget to book your vaccine slots if you haven’t done that yet.