Today, Instagram is not only for creators and influencers but for anyone who brings creativity and uniqueness through their content. Many actors too have diverged and started their content creation journey along with acting. So guys, have you all watched the movie ‘Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na‘? Well then, let’s skip to the good part where Ayaz Khan who plays Sushant in the movie shows his passion for creating varied content on the ‘gram. Now, scroll down to watch a few of his beautiful Reels and how he’s an all-rounder!

Let’s make you fall in love with his content…

1. Sushant The Actor

Let me tell you, this Reel got viral recently and according to me, it’s one of his best videos too. It gets even better when he confesses his biggest regret of slapping Aditi in the movie which was 10 years back, haha. As much as I feel sorry for him, I loved the way he showed the same frustration as everyone else.

2. Motivator

Here’s Ayaz giving a gentle and important reminder for everyone reading this that do what makes you happy ‘cause it doesn’t have to make sense to anybody else. Happiness comes from within and so does the will to take chance. So take that leap of faith and believe in yourself for once.

3. Foodie

Let’s admit it, everyone loves food! Just like all of us Ayaz too is a big fan of trying out new restaurants and food items. There is soo much more on his feed when it comes to creating food content, it’s just mouth-watering. This Reel here will make you hit that ‘like‘ button instantly, ‘cause he’s ‘pasta-tively’ amazing.

4. The Relatable Factor

I love how his feed is filled with a good mix of humour, entertainment and laughter. His relatable content got me saying, “Yessss, that’s me too” every time. Talking about this Reel, I hundred percent relate and agree with Ayaz, ‘cause if there’s no ‘chai‘ in the morning then the day just feels incomplete. Also, his shoulder dance moves were ‘tea-riffic‘!

5. Traveller

Damn, this Reel just gave me major travel feels at the same time a very big FOMO. He posted this one when Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara completed 10 years. That movie and this Reel perfectly sum up the word ‘Travel’, isn’t it? To add that extra touch to this, he added Farhan Akhtar’s shayaris which goes with this Reel so well. If you wanna know more about his travel content you know where to go!

6. Vlogger

Whenever Ayaz travels or has a busy schedule planned he always makes sure to shoot some bits and pieces of it, to show his insta fam a small mini vlog about his day. This Reel added with the apt trending audio gave me just the right feels and kept me hooked to his feed. So, change your tab and check out his other vlogs right away.

7. Dancer

So much talent in one artist is honestly a god-gifted art! In this Reel, he jumped on the ‘In Da Ghetto‘ trend with his gyming buddies and I literally smiled while watching the video ‘cause it’s just so natural and relatable. His caption too was just so honest and that’s what made me relate to his content. On that note, Ayaz I wanna see more of your dancing videos ‘causePappu can dance saala‘!

Well, here were a few of Ayaz’s Reels which I loved but there’s more to check out on his feed which is super gripping, eye-catching, entertaining, and everything else you’re looking for. So, I defo think you should start following him right away ‘cause he’s not the old Sushant from the move anymore, hehe. On a side note, I hope everyone reading this is staying home and taking all the necessary precautions while stepping out.