Indeed, we always depend on creators on Instagram to gain a good knowledge of different realms like fashion, beauty, cooking and whatnot. Similarly, very often do our eyes get stuck on the relatable content they put out. Some creators keep their content game so on point that the relatability factor might be well beyond the mark of 100. Taneesha Mirwani is no stranger to netizens on this front, as she never fails to deliver quality content with the perfect blend of humour and relatability. Balancing her studies and love for content creation like a pro, this girl inspires people to start doing what they love by crossing all the hurdles. Now, if you’re already familiar with this talented creator, you might as well scroll through some of her Reels to relax and have a good time laughing.

Happy scrolling…

1. When someone is lying to your face

Who even likes it when someone is lying to their face? All thanks to the technology for blessing us with screenshots, the best form of proof available in this era. But even if we have proof, to avoid an argument, we dodge through the lies by simply nodding our heads. For us, knowing the truth is more important than starting a fiery quarrel, amirite?

2. Smashing the sexist notions

Here Taneesha is smashing the sexist notions in the society along with the talented Avanti Nagral. Living with the trope of societal stigma above us might not be something we love. These ladies are ignoring these rules here by uttering two simple words, ‘chal hat‘.

3. Yo bro, who got you smiling like that?

Taneesha is proving again that she is an OG by incorporating some contradictory scenes in this Reel. She’s showing us how partying with her books, travelling to her university only to attend seminars, sitting on the beach with the weather not so good and, sleepless nights got her smiling like that, hehe!

4. Hanging out with a friend who wants to walk everywhere

Hanging out with a friend who likes to walk everywhere is actually a blessing as we don’t have to pay for the gym sessions to lose some weight. Even though we find it tiring, trust the process and go with the flow. We’re not giving you gyaan but, it’s totally worth the try.

5. When you’re not so good at saving money

She is accurately portraying how a single question, ‘do you wanna go out?’ spoils our plans to save up some money. It’s okay, as we all deserve a little treat for all the hard work. But make sure that you’re not broke by the middle of the month after this self-pampering, hehe!

6. Because my friends also did it

Don’t we all do the same? Whenever we do something that we know our moms are not going to encourage, our excuse would always be, “my friends also did it”. It’s time to change the track friends we really need to come up with new reasons, haha!

7. When you’re in the middle of a make-up session

The feeling of embarrassment when our moms step into the room in the middle of a makeup session is just not explainable. Having to hide it by simply rubbing the face and getting it all smudged is the funniest part. Next time let’s remember to keep a makeup remover next to us before starting the session, hehe!

Taneesha Mirwani is absolutely a creator to count on to get some quality content and, these Reels are proof. Ngl, but we could totally relate to each one of these Reels. Now, we are waiting for her to post more amazing content like these. On another note, we hope you all are staying safe at your homes and are booking your vaccination slots.