It’s obviously a visual treat for us when creators post fun and engaging content on the ‘gram. There have been times, when all of us have wondered what makes people gush over creators on Instagram. Well, think no more, ‘cuz it’s definitely their unique content and impeccable presentation. Creators always come up with fresh content that makes them stand out. Awez Darbar and Nagma Mirajkar are defo our constants when it comes to lighting up our feeds with their Double Dhamaka scenes, and as everyone knows whenever they are together, we call them ‘Nawez’. Now, if you are a Nawez stan, you should prolly scroll down to watch some of their fascinating Reels.

Here are they…

1. Boyfriend girlfriend scenes

The internet has witnessed millions of people making videos of girlfriends stealing their boyfriends’ food, but very rarely have we seen someone showing us how to get it back. Here, these two have come together to give us a good time laughing and obviously to spill some golden tips, hehe! Also, their acting skills are just out of the world. Wouldn’t you say?

2. Partners for life

There are times when we feel like we are failing in life. Having a partner to motivate during such times is invaluable. Here, Awez is totes being the partner who supports Nagma by cheering her up. They’re yet again proving that their accounts can be our go-to when we wanna watch some cute videos.

3. The dancing duo

We absolutely love this Reel and has directly touched our hearts. What stuns us the most is how they always manage to set the screen on fire with their sizzling chemistry and smooth moves. We’re not being greedy here, but can we please have more of such fabulous dance videos?

Love Nwantiti is a song that found a place in our hearts through Reels. Watching this duo dancing to this song together is so heartwarming. What’s not there in this Reel? Everything is perf, there’s chemistry, sync, and everything else too.

5. Bomb transitions

If we used to think that transitions are a one-person affair, Nawez is here to prove us wrong. They have aced this transition together so smoothly and fashionably. Don’t they look so adorbs together?

6. Twinning and winning

Turn on the AC, ‘cuz it’s getting hot in here, hehe! This duo is defo amazing us here with their charm, graze, and of course, their style. We can literally watch this video a gazillion times and we mean it when we say it. Sorry Disney, but you don’t have this prince and princess.

So did y’all enjoy this fun scroll through some Nawez moments? They always fill our feeds with some heart-worthy content and, we would absolutely love to watch more of their content. Also, don’t get too immersed in their chemistry and this write-up that you forget to book your vaccination slots! The festive season is around the corner, so stay safe and healthy by taking all necessary precautions. We wish you all a very Happy Diwali.