Eating disorders are almost very common. More often than not, you don’t even know you are battling one! Eating disorders are mainly characterized by persistent disturbances in eating habits. They affect most people in their young adulthood and adolescence. They also trigger anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders and several other psychological problems in individuals. Although the term ‘eating disorders’ have a lot to do with food, they are also psychologically driven and require help from mental health professionals. The condition is mainly concerned with individuals obsessing over body weight, shape and size.

Signs You Are Struggling With An Eating Disorder

It has been observed by several health professionals that the early signs of an eating disorder are ignored and not paid heed to. The signs and symptoms may include-

1. Excessive Obsession With Weight & Appearance

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Obsession with Weight

Everyone around you is either obsessed with their appearance or worrying about their weight, it is the way society has conditioned you to believe. Being tall, skinny, having clear skin and long luscious hair is the only way to be. This benchmark makes people question their appearance, their looks and physical features. One way to deal with this is to get rid of the weighing scale and to stop obsessing over numbers.

2. Force Puking After Meals

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Force Puking

Most people struggling with eating disorders either eat too little or way too much, these binge eating habits cause a negative behavioural pattern in the mind of the individual. They eat too little, worried they may gain weight or end up overeating and then force themselves to throw up. Forceful puking also causes other problems which include eroded tooth enamel, yellowing of teeth and low oral hygiene amongst others.

3. Excessive Exercise

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Excessive Exercise

Several individuals are disillusioned by an unhealthy passion for gymming and exercising without eating enough. One of the biggest problems faced by adolescents is feeling guilty after eating and hence to get rid of the guilt and burn the intake of calories they resort to exercising. This leads to exhaustion and a severe drop in energy levels.

4. Skipping Meals

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Skipping Meals

Skipping meals and making excuses for doing so is a toxic trait. Most of the time, people suffering from eating disorders make excuses about how they aren’t hungry, how they’ve already eaten or they don’t feel like eating at all. These excuses build up and they end up skipping meals. Eating a full course meal gets them worried about weight gain and calories.

5. Stomach Cramps & Constipation

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Stomach Cramps

Missing meals, force puking, eating small portions mess up your digestive system which causes stomach aches, gastrointestinal issues and constipation. Sudden spurts of unbearable pain in the tummy which is accompanied by dizziness and headache.

If you are someone or know someone who is dealing with an eating disorder, take help from a medical professional.

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