It’s always so important to keep up with the latest information, updates and news about the things you love. Just the way, I always keep myself updated on the new features taking place on the ‘gram. It’s legit my second home, hehe! I recommend you to follow Roxanne Chinoy a.k.a @ladyroxpop as she’s truly my one-stop destination for all the latest updates on Instagram. Lately, Instagram has introduced quite a few new updates and features so, scroll down to check them out!

Let’s get you updated…

1. Collabs

OMG, I can’t stress enough but tell you how important this feature is. It’s literally been my saviour of posting the same content on 2 different profiles. Let me tell you a lil‘ bit about this feature. This feature will help you collab with the person you’re creating content with or a brand, which will then give visibility to the same single post by sharing it with the audiences of both profiles. Indirectly, the post will reach a larger audience. It’s as good as collaborating with a person in real. So, next time you collab with someone, don’t forget to use this feature.

2. Uploading From Desktop

This is one of the updates I had been eagerly waiting for, weren’t you too? The process of uploading a picture from the desktop is very similar to the one posting from the phone. So, now you don’t need to transfer pictures from your laptop to your phone for uploading. Go try it out asap frendz.

3. Live Scheduling

This is one of the coolest features I’ve come across. Honestly, it’s quite hectic before you go Live as there as so many things you have to keep in mind before hitting the ‘Go Live’ button. However, Instagram always comes to our rescue, isn’t it? Now, we can schedule our Lives with a feed post up to 90 days, in advance. This can then be promoted on the Story too through stickers. So, check out post above to learn how to schedule a Live.

4. Reel Effects

This new feature will make it super easy for you to edit and perform with music on Reels. There are 3 new effects introduced, first one being Superbeat which automatically adds visual effects based on the song. Coming to Dynamic lyrics and 3D lyrics that will help you display the song lyrics on the Reel. This helps the audience to know what you’re speaking/singing.

5. Links On Story For Everyone

Earlier, this feature was only available for accounts that had a following above a particular number. However, now this feature can be used by all irrespective of their number of followers. So, if you’re a small business and want to add links to your stories you can do so now. Go try this out right away!

6. ‘Add Your’ Stickers On Stories

This feature really helps in gaining reach for your stories, through views. It helps you to add a sticker to your story on a particular topic for example Sunset views. All the sunset lovers can tap on this sticker and view all the sunset posts added by various users. This helps to explore the community through a public collection of sticker responses. This is a very unique feature which I absolutely love.

Well, these were a few new features that I think you should defo know about ‘cause all of them would help you explore different aspects of the app and also keep you updated. Which is your fave one out of these? Mine has to be Collabs. On a side note, I hope everyone reading this is safe at home while booking your vaccine slots.