Festive occasions are always worth keeping an eye on ‘cuz we never know which creator wins over our hearts with some ‘awe-inspiring‘ content. It’s December and we are already super excited for Christmas as it’s right around the corner. While we’re waiting for brand new Christmassy content to roll out, why not just recollect and cherish how the fashion icon Aashna Shroff astounded her followers with her Reel series, ’12 Reels of Christmas’ last year. If you missed out on these Reels, you should definitely check them out now. These videos are assured to give you major Christmas decor, makeup and outfit inspirations.

Santa Claus is coming to town like…

1. Episode 1

Aashna started this Reel series with her Christmas tree reveal. It must have taken her and her friends a lot of time and hard work to decorate this magnificent tree. But we must say, the hard work defo paid off as the tree looks marvellous with all the lights and hangings.

2. Episode 2

After watching this Reel, we sure have decided how to go about our Christmas eye makeup look for this year. Honestly, little did we know that the two significant colours of Christmas which are green and red, can be used in our makeup in such an enchanting way.

3. Episode 3

The third Reel of this series is filled with nothing but aesthetics. We’re absolutely obsessed with how she decorated her dining area. With her decor on point, she made her house all-ready to welcome Christmas.

4. Episode 4

This Reel is indeed a visual treat. With the double roles in two different outfits, she’s giving us a sneak-peek into her different personalities, hehe. So, for this Christmas, which avatar are you planning to put on?

5. Episode 5

In this Reel, she’s showing us a classy yet budget-friendly way to wrap Christmas gifts. She shows us how to bring our old decor into the process of gift wrapping and, we’re glad that we can present to our dear ones, a gift made out of love. Because what’s better than spending some of our time and effort on gifting presents for our loved ones?

6. Episode 6

We all have different moods for Christmas. Here, Aashna is showing us how to impersonate those moods by wearing different outfits accordingly. Isn’t this Reel indeed a package of outfit inspos?

7. Episode 7

Who would say no to a perfect red lip moment for Christmas, no one right? So, this Reel is totally worth watching to know how to nail that perfect red lip without making it look too jarring.

8. Episode 8

What’s Christmas without a perfect cocktail? In this Reel, Aashna is undoubtedly gifting us a Christmas present in the form of two drool-worthy cocktail recipes. Tbh, ‘White Russians’ is our favourite here!

9. Episode 9

The tricky challenge is one fabulous trend that took over the internet big time. Aashna and her best friend, Riya Jain hopped on this challenge by giving it a Christmassy twist and, we can’t help but watch this Reel on loop.

10. Episode 10

This Reel is absolutely surprising and stunning as it’s filled with all things Christmas only. The wreath, the dining area, the tree, everything shown in this Reel look spectacular with just the right decor.

11. Episode 11

Christmas is a festival of joy and is usually celebrated with our loved ones, be it our cute pets or our dear family. In this Reel, Aashna shows us how she made her cute doggos feel all special during Christmas. After all, everyone deserves to celebrate this special occasion, isn’t it?

12. Episode 12

Finally, she ended this chain of visual feasts by showing us what it looks like to be a perfect host. If she invited Grinch over to her house for Christmas dinner, we’re sure that he’d have definitely fallen in love with Christmas, hehe!

Now, we can’t wait to purchase some decor items and decorate our houses to welcome Christmas. Aashna Shroff truly deserves a big thank you from all of us for giving us some golden tips to celebrate the festival of joy, amirite? Also, while you’re making your Christmas plans, please don’t forget that a new variant of Covid-19 is at the door. So, it’s necessary to take all the precautions to fight this pandemic.