Influencers and content creators are gaining immense popularity for putting out their talent and personality up on the internet. However, you’d be shocked to know that apart from content creation there’s so much more to know about these influencers. What if we say we have some interesting and hatke talents to reveal for a few creators right here? Curious enough to check it out, keep scrolling to get to know the hidden talents of these influencers that you probably didn’t know about!

Here are their hidden talents:

1. Larissa D’Sa

Some people are naturally born with the talent to skateboard. Larissa is defo one of them who caught our attention instantly with a blink of an eye. It is no secret that she is a pro at skateboarding. Well, if you don’t believe it, check out her Reels and we are sure you will be stunned to see how effortlessly she surfaces.

2. Radhika Seth

We always knew that Radhika had an artistic side to her! Isn’t t it obvious from her aesthetic styling contnet? Tbh, she’s not only painting the canvas but also our hearts with these bright colours. Radhika’s talent has awakened the artist in us and now we are ready to paint the next Picasso, hehe.

3. Debasree Banerjee  

Lately, Debasree’s feed has become our go-to guide for Yoga asanas! Every time we look at how flexible Deb is we can’t stop ourselves from saying, “chhupi rustam”. She legit has proved that ‘practice makes a man, perfect’ as she’s acing all the advance yoga postures like a proffesional!

4. Siddharth Nigam  

Very rarely do we come across creators whose talent flips us upside down in surprise. Kudos to Siddharth Nigam the handsome hunk whose flips and kicks are taking our breath away and how? Ngl, but Siddharth’s energy and body balance is beyond imagination.

5. Sejal Kumar

The newest talent on Sejal’s block is singing and playing the ukulele! Her original music covers with her magical voice makes us want to hear her voice on loop. She is one influencer who is so passionate about her craft that the end result of her work always looks seamless and beautiful.

6. Malini Agarwal

We love our boss lady for always trying new things and never giving up! Did you know that Malini Agarwal has learned to dance professionally? Well, her smooth moves and expressions here are making us wanna dance along with her. What if I say this is possible, all the girls out there download the Girl Tribe by MissMalini app to be a part of some super fun Dance MasterClasses.

7. Be YouNick  

The master of being unique, Be YouNick has always taken us by surprise with his content. Yet again he gives us a surprise about his passion for music. This original song, Ae Dilruba of his says it all and we would love to watch him play the guitar and sing a song for us someday, hehe!

8. Ruhi Singh

Who else thinks that Ruhi is a fairy who has the super-power of being awesome at everything she does? We sure do! She’s not just a diva but a dancing one. Yes, you heard us right from pole dancing to belly dancing she has taken us all by surprise after she uploaded her dancing videos. We keep coming back to this post solely to watch her dance gracefully.

9. Mayur Jumani  

This was a huge surprise for us and we’re sure that Mayur would have never expected that his dancing talent would get so much love from his fans. We absolutely loved his collaboration with Dr. Richa Negi and cannot wait to see him upload more such dancing videos.

10. Shruti Sinha  

We just have 2 words for her talent, mind blown. Let us tell you a shocking yet pretty cool fact. Shruti started learning and practicing pole dancing and to our surprise, this is how quickly she picked it up. You all will agree that Shruti was born to love, laugh and dance, hehe.

So, there you go! These were a few unique and probably unknown talents about your favourite creators that really took us by surprise. Also, if you haven’t booked your vaccine slots yet then do it right away.