Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal are reportedly going to tie the knot in Rajasthan tomorrow (9th December 2021) and the die-hard romantic in me can’t stop gushing over the couple and the happy married life that awaits them. Though neither of the two have ever come on record to accept or deny their relationship, it was their regular sightings and candid banter about each other in interviews that had kept their fans rooting for them. Theirs is a love story seen in dreams and it has been a pleasure for me to watch it transcend into marriage. Let’s take a look at how their relationship unfolded:

The beginning of it at Koffee With Karan

Karan Johar’s popular chat show might be famous for the controversies that it has given rise to over the years, but it has also been a ground for budding romance too. Apparently, it was on the show when Karan asked Katrina about who she would look good with, and she took Vicky’s name. If reports are to be believed, that’s when things started to heat up between the two. When Karan pointed that out to Vicky in his episode, the actor gave the cutest reaction of playfully fainting on Katrina’s answer. If that isn’t the most adorable beginning to a relationship, then I don’t know what is.

Their first interview together

After that cute admission on KWK, Vicky and Katrina appeared together for an interview for Film Companion and it was adorable. In that, Katrina is seen complimenting her soon-to-be mother-in-law, saying that she sounds like a wise woman. Not just that, Vicky also revealed how Katrina’s song Teri Ore was instrumental in teaching him how to romance the camera in acting school. Hearing that, Katrina joked that she can say that she had a huge part in Vicky honing his craft to which Vicky cutely replied, ‘I am thrilled to be in the presence of my guru.’ The adoring way that Vicky looks at Kat in the whole interview just spoke about what was about to happen.

Their spotting together at IIFA

Fans of Vicky and Katrina were just reeling over their adorable interview when the two of them were spotted together at the IIFA awards as well and the brigade shipping the two just couldn’t keep calm. Considering how amazing these two actors look together, who wouldn’t have shipped them?

Vicky’s proposal at another award ceremony

After being spotted at IIFA, the couple then appeared together on the stage for another award show and there Vicky proposed to Kat on stage. The proposal might be just for show, but the intent behind it seemed pure and genuine, and I guess their impending marriage in two days is proof of that.

Their playful chemistry at the Holi party 2020

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Jonas had visited India after their wedding and the entire industry had gathered for a big Holi bash. It was there that a leaked video showed Vicky touching Kat’s forehead very sweetly and it was clear evidence that a memorable love story was in the making.

Hope of the hoodie

While Katrina and Vicky never posed for a picture together as such, their individual pictures donning the same hoodie created quite a stir on the internet, and the netizens had some more proof of this budding romance.

The curious case of the yellow t-shirt

If the hoodie incident hadn’t done enough, the next incident just added more fuel to the fire. When Katrina posted a photo of her resting on someone’s chest wearing a yellow t-shirt, the netizens got to work and dug up a picture of Vicky wearing the same-coloured t-shirt. Co-incidence? If yes, a happy one indeed.

The wedding festivities

Even though the couple has tried to maintain utmost discretion around their wedding, the paparazzi and media have been quite vigilant at work in finding as much information and pictures as they can. From a dreamy wedding destination in Rajasthan to their amazing dresses for the ceremony, everything has been quite in news recently. The other night, Katrina was spotted with her family visiting Vicky’s house and she looked as gorgeous as ever and now they are in Rajasthan for their big day.

Just reminiscing about Vicky and Kat’s journey together has made me emotional about the adventurous married life they are about to begin and now, I just can’t wait to see the two of them looking regal as ever in their wedding pictures. Wishing a big congratulations to the soon-to-be-married couple.