How do you feel about your physical appearance? Don’t worry if you don’t immediately respond with a smile or have a positive response about your self image. This is a fairly prevalent problem among people, particularly women. It’s easy to feel horrible about our bodies when ad commercials and social media portray images of a specific body type that seems wholly idealistic. We are continuously bombarded on television, on our phones, on social media, on our commutes, and even while we’re out shopping.

So, we reached out to Devina Kaur, an Inspirational Speaker, Author, Radio Host, and the Founder of Sexy Brilliant Non-Profit Foundation, and asked her to share some advice on how we can develop a health self-image. Devina says,

Building a sexy, brilliant body image is an effective strategy to counterbalance the idealistic, yet unrealistic pictures that we’re pushed to compare ourselves to. Look around you. What you see is normal. What you see in the mirror is normal. You are normal. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Do not strive for unrealistic standards. What you should be doing is loving yourself and your body, just as it is made, in this very state of perfection. Remember that the journey to more self-love is love itself.

To help you get started on your journey of self-love, Devina shares five ways to remind yourself that your body is a divine, sexy gift. Red on to know all about them!

1. View Yourself As A Whole

When you look at yourself in the mirror or ponder over what your identity is, consciously decide to not focus on your body alone. All things being equal, attempt to see yourself in the manner in which you need others to see you—the overall individual; the full package. Contemplate who you are beyond your appearance. Are you a good friend, a trusted and dependable family member and a kind person? Set aside some effort to thoroughly consider everything that makes you, you. Record these thoughts in a diary or a note on your phone, so you can think over them whenever you are feeling down. When you know and accept who you are, you will be able to share your brilliance with the world.


2. We Are A Reflection Of The Company We Keep

Building new life-changing rituals is a lot easier when you have a team that plays on the same side. Surround yourself with a community that is motivating, supportive, and positive, and that encourages you to practice forgiveness and self-compassion. Asking for help is easier said than done, but getting into a circle with people who have a growth-oriented mindset will create a safe space for you to blossom into the best version of yourself.

3. Move Your Body Every Day

Even though I am fat, I practice martial arts 3-4 times a week. Doing karate helps me stay physically, mentally and spiritually aligned. Do it for you because you enjoy it, not on the grounds of reaching a specific weight or looking a specific way. Simply get out there and move. A feeling of achievement can be an incredible inspiration for change. Find a sport or a dance form that you love that will help you to achieve your personal, mental, spiritual and physical body goals.


4. Practice Self-Love

Figuring out how to cherish yourself and your body can be challenging. There are days when you’ll feel like you need to creep out of your skin, never get up, or truly feel the heaviness of your body holding you down. Show yourself some empathy. Life will test you, and the least you can do is give yourself a caring embrace and make sure to approach things slowly and carefully. Get to know yourself, your weaknesses and your brightness and then practice radical self-acceptance. The more you know yourself, the more you accept yourself, the more empowered you feel. This empowerment leads to more self-love.

5. Be Positive And Mindful

Keep your self-talk positive so that your spiritual confidence may increase. Be real with yourself. When you catch yourself thinking negatively, take a step back before reacting to those negative thoughts. Practice mindful awareness by noticing what’s happening in the moment when these thoughts are arising both internally and externally. Once you begin practicing awareness, you can slow down the momentum of negative thoughts, and consciously show yourself some love. Release the negative thoughts and replace them with more positive ones. This can be extremely powerful in cultivating positive self-talk, a practice that will help your self-confidence grow.


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