Stress is the most common emotion felt by every other person. It can drive you crazy and make you feel a million things all at once. Excessive stress can lead to emotional and mental breakdowns, as well as severe other health problems. There are a million things happening in our day to day lives and no wonder we feel stressed out. Dealing with stress is not easy, it is not inevitable but it can be dealt with in different ways. The digital health revolution allows you to keep a track of your needs at your fingertips and here are a few of our favourite apps for it.

1) Mindfulness App

Meditation by fizkes |

Meditation has been a long centered way of helping people relieve stress and eliminate anxiety. This app provides an introduction to meditation and allows you to get into the habit of meditating. It also gives you timely reminders to take a break and remove some time to relax and get back to mindfulness.

2) Happify

Happiness by  Dean Drobot |

Who doesn’t need a dose of happiness in their regularized and mundane lives? Happify aims to make you happy by allowing you to play specially curated games and activities backed by scientific research that boost your energy and serotonin. The app also helps you reach personal goals and be more socially connected to help you feel at content.

3) Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep by Syda Productions |

Sleep is essential but with our lives getting busier each day, it gets difficult to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep on a daily basis. The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock helps you align your sleep schedule with your work and daily routine. This app gives you timely reminders, so that you can get enough sleep in a day.

4) Worry Watch Anxiety Journal

Journal by Diana Parkhouse |

It is very difficult for some people to write how they feel and hence, this app allows you to record how you are feeling after a stressful event and journalise it. This gives you the opportunity to go back to the episode, listen to it again and understand if your rising stress and anxiety in that moment was justified or not.

5) Colorfy

Colouring by  taffpixture |

Colorfy is an app that provides colouring books for adults. Engaging yourself in activities like colouring, listening to music, meditation helps calm you down and releases stress. Colorfy provides simple pictures where adults can fill in colour. This distracts you from the stress at hand and helps you think peacefully.

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