Ngl, Srishti Dixit always makes us relate to her content. You can’t help but say, ‘you get me bro‘ every time she drops her hilarious Reels. She manages to give us a hearty laugh at things that happen with us too. Be it getting distracted by food particles getting stuck in between our teeth, canceling plans to just stay at home and do random things, or panicking when we lose our mom at a supermarket for even 0.5 seconds, hehe. Now, scroll your way through these hilarious yet extremely relatable Reels and have a good laugh. You can also see how many of these things are you guilty of doing yourself and check how compatible you’re with Srishti, hahah!

Let’s do a compatibility test!

1. A lil’ attention is all we need

Let us all admit it, we love getting attention and when the conversation stops being about us, our minds just leave that space. Exactly how Srishti has portrayed in this Reel, hehe. On another note, we absolutely love how Srishti uses various filters and owns them like her own. She as ‘Pintu‘ is absolutely hilarious.

2. I’ve been dancing in my room

Each one of us has been guilty of doing this at least once in our life, haina? We love how Srishti has given us this Reel to voice out our feelings or rather given a visual for the virtual world to know what we’re doing when we cancel plans. It’s all for doing random things at home.

3. Stealing all the way

Is the hotel stay even complete if you don’t get the complimentary shampoos home with you! You’re insane if you don’t do that, haha. They’re supposed to be taken home and we love how Srishti has shown the obsession with this chori which technically isn’t a chori, right?

4. Losing our mom at a supermarket

No matter how old we become, losing our moms in a supermarket, especially when you’re next in the billing counter line will always be our biggest worry. It’s one constant nightmare that most of us won’t ever get over, even when we’re old with no teeth, hehe. Srishti, can you stop being so accurate?

5. Family fights at a friend’s house

If someone knows, what are we supposed to do when we’re at a friend’s house and their fam starts fighting then let us know too, please. It’s the most awkward situation to be in, and all we can do in this situation is just keep looking to and fro between people just like Srishti here.

6. My favorite movie?

Isn’t this the most difficult question ever? We all start second-guessing what’s our fave movie when we’re asked this ‘cause what if, we will be judged on the answer, right? Also, we just feel like we haven’t watched any movies in our whole life when we’re asked this. Tbh, Srishti’s expressions are way on point.

7. Food stuck in the teeth

This Reel has to be the most relatable of them all. It’s the most annoying thing on the planet when a food particle gets stuck in our teeth, isn’t it? Once that happens we just can’t concentrate on anything else during that duration and it’s a big distraction till the food particle is out, iykyk.

Now, how much did you score on this compatibility test with Srishti on a scale of relatability? For us, we’re guilty of doing it all, hehe. On another note, we hope you are taking all the necessary precautions while stepping out and getting yourselves vaccinated.