Instagram is a platform that’s flooded with content, however watching the right kind of content can really put you in the right kind of mood, ain’t it now? And tbh, I am addicted to one digital creator’s content, who has the most amazing, happy and energetic Reels that’re an absolute mood-pumper. Lauren Gottlieb has been slaying it on the ‘gram with her wholesome dance Reels and with every watch I just can’t seem to get enough of it. Here are a few Reels by Lauren that are mind-blowing.

Ready. Set. Scroll!

1. Ghagra

This Bollywood number has my heart and to watch Lauren dance to it with those stunning moves, expressions and energy just blew me away. To top it, those streets of Hollywood, that colour pop attire and the fab aerial shot is just what makes this Reel the one I can’t stop raving about.

2. Main Nikla Gaddi Leke

Now here’s a Bollywood number whose remix version is a pleasant surprise. And the way Lauren grooves along with the very talented, Matt Stefanina, is just a treat to watch them, isn’t it?

3. How You Like That

This Reel is my absolute fave! Lauren tries out a new video style and we can only imagine what the ‘behind the scenes’ must’ve been like. Lauren’s definitely taking the tutting dance form a notch higher with this one, and I honestly would love to see more such awesome Reels.

4. Jalebi Baby

This song has been ‘grams favourite! Lauren and Paul Karmiryan move like such smooth operators here in this Reel. The dance steps are sooooo good and the end with that Jalebi, just seems about right now, doesn’t it?

5. Patli Kamar

How can this Reel not be a part of this list? Lauren along with Ruhee Dosani moving to the beats of this 2000s popular song made me go, “OMG“, I can’t stop but watch this Reel on loop. Can y’all really blame me now, c’mon!

6. Fevicol

Wholesome dance Reel ingredients list… a song that’s an absolute mood, check! Some amazing dance moves, check! A touch of candid moments and comedy too, check and check! Well and that generous sprinkle of mad energy totally brings this Reel to life, amirite?

So here were a few of Lauren Gottlieb’s dance Reels that’re so good and have such a high energy vibe that it will surely amp up your mood and get you grooving too. I absolutely love how Lauren raises the creativity bar with her content and I already can’t wait to watch what more she has in store. Also, gurl keep those Reels coming in ‘cause I absolutely love them! On a side note, I hope everyone reading this is safe and are taking the necessary precautions.