2022 is finally here and so are our favorite creators with a new dance trend. The song ‘Title‘ by Meghan Trainor has been taking the ‘gram by a storm lately and to be honest, we’ve been listening to it on loop too, hehe. It has defo got a catchy beat to it and the choreography is just too cute to not give it a shot! Ngl, we are absolutely in love with how some of these creators have managed to give this trend a creative twist making it all the more fun to vibe to. So go on, scroll your way down to check ‘em out.

Here we go…

1. Nagma Mirajkar

Firstly, we definitely agree to this list of ‘things to say goodbye to in 2022’! This year is all about good things and looks like Nagma and Awez are here to remind us just that. Also, we’re in love with the twinning jacket lewk, it makes them both look super cool, don’t you think so too?

2. Unnati Malharkar

The Eiffel Tower view is always one to die for and this Reel with these two cuties in front of it, is just something we can’t take our eyes off from. Also, are you guys taking notes ‘cause we sure are! We love their outfits and they’ve defo got us obsessing over their holiday ‘fits.

3. Radhika Bangia

Can we just take a second to appreciate the creativity here? This is surely gonna be the year we say a big YESSS to self-belief. We absolutely love how Radhika was able to put across that message in the sweetest way possible.

4. Sakshi Shivdasani

Yup this was us this New Year’s Eve too, * inserting a sarcastic laugh here*. This Reel hit us right in the face and tbh, even though it was a bummer with the sudden rise in cases we are grateful for having been in good health to have witnessed another year and we hope you guys had a safe NYE too.

5. Sakshi Sindwani

Girls, are you planning a vacation but don’t want to overpack? Well, your girl Sakshi has got you covered. This Reel right here is a one-stop destination for a travel wardrobe guide and will defo be a lifesaver (and space-saver, hehe) for the next time you pack for a trip!

6. Devishi Madaan

This video has got us screaming ‘where’s our girl gang at’? These cuties have defo made our Monday 10x better with this Reel, haina? Loveee how all of them look here! Brb, going to hop on this trend with our girl gang, hehe.

Honestly, we love each and every Reel on this trend, they are just way too cute and it’s gonna take us a while to get over this one. Also, on a side note, we hope you guys have got yourselves vaccinated and are staying safe.