Captain America: The Winter Soldier was the first Marvel film that I ever saw in theatre, and ever since then, I have been an ardent follower of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Starting from Iron Man, I watched every project in the MCU religiously, be it the ones on the celluloid or the digital screens in the last year. So, when the dark clouds were looming over the theatrical release of Spider Man: No Way Home in India, I was really nervous if I would get to watch it before the spoilers get to me. And thankfully, I was. I watched the film on the first day itself and the housefull theatre and the audience’s craze was assuring me that I was in for something special, and it has turned out to be true.

The Tom Holland and Zendaya-starrer has emerged to be the biggest film of 2021 at the Indian box-office as it crossed the Rs 200 crore mark this weekend. The film surpassed the collection of Sooryavanshi, achieving this feat and now its net box-office collection stands at Rs 202.34 crore with the gross box-office collection at Rs 259.67 crore.

No Way Home has not just performed commercially well globally, but the film has enjoyed widespread critical acclaim as well. Many have called it one of the best and most mature film of the MCU. What I feel worked for the film the most was the anticipation of seeing if the previous two Spiderman—Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield—will be joining Tom as well, and SPOILER ALERT, they did, taking the film to a whole new level.

Spider-Man‘s success has given a huge lift to the box-office recovery across all parts of India and the film has gone out to break multiple records including the record for the highest grossing film worldwide and in India post the pandemic. Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, has become the third biggest film of all time for Hollywood in India within just 18 days of its release. Internationally, the film grossed an estimated $52.7 million over the weekend in the US. Its three-week total Worldwide stands at $1.37 billion, with China and Japan yet to release the film.

The success of No Way Home has proved that the ardent followers of Marvel universe will always stay loyal to watching the film in theatres and in India too, it asserted that the theatre experience will never go away. Having seen the three Spiderman together in No Way Home, I am really hopeful that the makers would cash in on this opportunity and give us more crossovers between the worlds, and with recent rumors around a third part in the making for Andrew’s The Amazing Spiderman franchise, I am already manifesting for that crossover to happen in that too.