The ultimate game-changer show for all young entrepreneurs, Shark Tank has finally found its way to India and has already become the talk of the town. Almost everyone is now hooked to the show or is updated with what it’s all about through the creator Reels on Instagram. We are honestly super proud of all the entrepreneurs who have graced the show to get investments from the absolutely talented ‘sharks‘. Much like us, even the creators are fully ‘invested’ in the show and have already made some entertaining content for us. From impersonating the sharks, to how people’s daily diction has changed post watching the show, influencers have covered it all and we’re here for it. Scroll your way through them.  

‘Deal’ with it!

1. Ashish Chanchalni

Namita Thapar has mentioned that her sons are big fans of Ashish in the comments much like us and we love her for being such a good sport. Ashish truly went ‘all out’ to make this Reel and we love it, haha.

2. Kusha Kapila

Kusha Kapila as Namita Thapar from Shark Tank India, giving lessons on ‘how to break up’ is absolutely hilarious and too good to miss out on. Kusha’s impersonation is so on point that even the #bossbabe, Namita couldn’t help but applaud Kusha for her ‘awesome’ mimicry.  Tbh, ‘we’re out’ of words for this accuracy, hehe.

3. Aishwarya Mohanraj

Well, Akash we do agree with Aishwarya that even after putting in 100% ‘equity’ in the relationship if the ‘intent’, ‘execution’ and ‘proposal’ are missing then that’s a valid reason for her to say ‘I am out’ and not let you hold her hand. Haha, Aishwarya has absolutely nailed this one, haina?

4. Shibani Bedi

Shibani Bedi on the show and the sharks as ‘Gurgaon Waali Bhua Ji‘ will surely remind you of your distant relatives giving raw reviews of a certain show they’ve watched in recent times. Her unfiltered reactions and advice for the judges are too funny. We’re sure that even Ashneer, Anupam, Aman, and Peyush will have a good laugh post-watching this Reel.

5. Rohan Joshi

Rohan Joshi’s impersonation of Ashneer Grover on the show is again too good. We love how Ashneer only does ‘seedhi si baat’ and doesn’t sugar coat anything for the ultimate good of the entrepreneurs. Needless to say, Rohan has absolutely nailed it here. That ‘Aman ne boat banaya, hum ship bana denge yaar‘ had us in splits, hahah.

6. Biswa Kalyan Rath

Biswa has aced at impersonating Anupam Mittal here, hahah. Tbh, we find his deal quite fair and we’re sure that you guys would like to pitch in some money here too. Take our money and just leave Omnicron. This must be the only time that we want a contestant to say ‘I am out’ instead, hehe.

7. Sahil Shah

While we have seen so many creators impersonate the sharks, Sahil Shah imitating Rannvijay Singha who’s the host of the show is absolutely fun and accurate too, haina? Tbh, we all have grown up watching Rannvijay on shows like Roadies and Splitsvilla and him hosting Shark Tank India is a whole new experience and we’re absolutely loving it. Ngl, ‘we’re all in’ for it, hehe.

Well, there’s a lot of decisions to be made before investing in a business and we are absolutely in awe of how rational and calculative the sharks are before making a good deal. The creators impersonating the sharks are also all in fun and we’re absolutely enjoying it. On that note, we hope that all of you are staying safe and keeping well.