Instagram is full of content to take in every single day from news to making creative Reels to music to positive quotes, it is no doubt our one-stop destination. But what majorly comes to the rescue during our much-needed break are the positive affirmations and Reels that motivate us and lift our spirits high instantly. Some creators have posted Reels that not only motivate us but make us believe in ourselves which we highly suggest for you to watch and incorporate as well. So, scroll down for some positivity…

Watch these Reels and get ready to go on a motivation spree!

1. Masoom Minawala

This Reel is just so powerful and strong that it gives us the right motivation we need in our daily life. Not just that, it was a trend a few days ago where we witnessed creators add their own pictures syncing to this motivational audio. Reminder: Be fearless ‘cause you will breakthrough!

2. Sakshi Sindwani

Sakshi’s caption is what the social media world needs to see more often. There are failures in all our lives but how we overcome them is more important. Patience and persistence is the key to growth. Mistakes are a part of life through which we grow so make them and that’s how you’ll learn. Reminder: Growth is painful but also the most gainful!

3. Malini Agarwal

This pep talk by Rida Tharana on which our #BossLady made this Reel is super empowering and encouraging. Stand up for yourself when needed ‘cause you matter too. Malini shows that she’s ready for 2022 with the right energy, focus and dedication, are you too? Reminder: Love and prioritize yourself!

4. Somya Gupta

@thesassthing is being the sunshine that we needed to get through our bad days with this Reel. You have every right to be happy ‘cause happiness helps you glow, iykyk. Reminder: Every day might not be good but there’s a good in every day!

5. Natasha Luthra

This Reel talks about time. Someone rightly said ‘time waits for no one’ so it’s always better to use it wisely and valuably. Seize the day and make the most of today because tomorrow is unpredictable. Reminder: Spend time by investing in it!

6. Rida Tharana

Rida has been an inspiration when it comes to giving reminders to ourselves. She talks about how it’s important to self-proclaim and self-love. Yes, you should shine your way through the sky and not be bothered about what others say. Reminder: Not everyone will get you and that is perfectly fine!

We hope these reminders help you today and in the future to boost up your mood on your not-so-happy days and otherwise as well. We defo needed these positive reminders with everything that’s going around us. On a side note, we hope you’re staying healthy and safe during this third wave.