5 Early Signs Of Thyroid Cancer

5 Early Signs Of Thyroid Cancer

Suruchi Patwary

Most Thyroid Cancers are benign, and can be picked via a routine checkup. Usually, cases of Thyroid Cancer can often be cured with treatment. However, there are a few risk factors that will be predisposing to Thyroid Cancer. It is known to be found more in women. Another risk factor is being exposed to high levels of radiation. Irradiation to the top body and neck for various other treatments may increase the chance of Thyroid Cancer. Besides these, there are certain inherited genetic syndromes (familial), for example, Medullary Thyroid Cancer may run in some families or if there is  a history of Goiter (Enlarged Thyroid Gland). Apart from these, obese and overweight individuals have a higher risk of developing thyroid cancer than those that aren't overweight, and therefore the risk appears to extend as Body Mass Index (BMI) goes up.

And so, we spoke to Dr Altamash Shaikh, Consultant Endocrinologist, Diabetologist and Metabolic Super specialist at Masina Hospital in Mumbai to help us spot the first signs and symptoms of cancer.

Here’s How You'll Spot The First Signs & Symptoms Of Cancer

1. Lumps Within Neck

These lumps could be within thyroid itself or a lymph node swelling. Cancer lumps don't always hurt, but if you notice a lump on any part of your neck that's growing in size, you should get it checked. Although, a number of these lumps could be fluid-filled cysts or noncancerous tumours too.

2. Voice Changes

A persistent cough, raw throat and difficulty in swallowing could all be potential symptoms of carcinoma. Having hoarseness or a voice change that do not go away with routine treatment could be a sign of thyroid cancer.

3. Difficulty In Swallowing

A growth or nodule on the thyroid gland may interfere with swallowing.

4. Difficult Breathing

Few people may say sometimes it feels like they are breathing through a straw. If you're experiencing a similar issue then you should visit your doctor and get it checked.

5. Sudden Increase In Neck Swelling Or Sudden Pain

There may be various similar causes of these problems. Hence, it's best to test along with your endocrinologist, regarding your thyroid issues.

Prevention: People with a familial mutation that increases the danger of medullary thyroid cancer may consider thyroid surgery to stop cancer (prophylactic thyroidectomy). For people near atomic energy plants; prevention may mean taking a medication that blocks the results of radiation on the thyroid.

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