While Bigg Boss 15 has ended this Sunday (30th January), the frenzy around it hasn’t yet died down. And while the finalists are still soaking in all the fame their stint has brought to them, being on Bigg Boss for months has surely changed their lives. I recently spoke to season 15’s first runner-up Pratik Sehajpal and the way life has changed for him left me quite amazed.

Not just the grand finale moments, but the entire journey for Pratik has been simply wonderful.

Check out how nervous he was when the Bigg Boss 15 result was being announced:

Also, here is my interview with him…

How does it feel to finally be out?

It feels amazing especially after watching all the love I have been getting outside. Every single DM I have been getting on social media is next level. It feels like my mother’s blessings have helped me. I cannot absorb it as of now. Six months back when I went for Bigg Boss my life was totally different, people hardly knew me, but now the tables have turned. It’s a great feeling.

Spending six months in that house and now getting back to the grind, does it feel weird?

It feels weird, I don’t know where do I go, even if I go down I don’t know where to go. I have not been able to sleep all night, I have just been looking at my phone. I have been so overwhelmed with all the love that I have not been able to let it sink in. Probably, tomorrow morning I will realize. After 182 days I can freely roam under the open sky, but somewhere I miss that house a lot. The freedom there was very different, and that you cannot find anywhere in the world. I thank the makers for giving me this opportunity. I am feeling out of place, I feel like I am on another planet, but now is the time for me to make big the things I have. I am surely going to that.

What was the feeling like when you were leaving the Bigg Boss 15 house?

When I left the house, I felt everything in that house. Everything in that house has seen my emotions.

Did not winning disappoint you? Also, during the final moments was there a thought in your mind that ‘my name would just get called’?

Yes, it was there in my mind that my name should be called and it will be called. I was constantly praying. When Salman bhai gave me that trophy for a few seconds, its soul stayed with me. The physical body of the trophy has just gone with someone else.

What’s the plan now?

I never make any plans, I believe in moving with the flow. Universe has a lot in store for me, I will embrace everything that comes my way.

Check out the entire interview here:

Well, life is full of possibilities and as Pratik says, the universe truly has amazing things in store for him. I wish him all the best!