Exclusive! Pooja Banerjee: 'I Have Become All The More Chill Ever Since I Got Pregnant'

Exclusive! Pooja Banerjee: 'I Have Become All The More Chill Ever Since I Got Pregnant'

Akash Bhatnagar

Pooja Banerjee aka Rhea Mehra from Kumkum Bhagya is currently going through an exciting phase of her life as she is pregnant with her first child with husband Sandeep Sejwal. I have always found Pooja to be really mesmerizing on screen, but she has become much more magnificent with the pregnancy glow on her face. She shot for her show during her pregnancy and has been enjoying every facet of the new phase in her life.

As I ask Pooja how the period of pregnancy has been for her ever since she got the big news, the actress tells me that she has gone through so much that it’s difficult to be concise about her experience and the changes she has noticed in herself.

She says,

“I can’t describe in a single line how this phase has been, but one thing, if I can say has changed in me during this while, is that I have become more relaxed. It is something different that not many people think they will go through. But I have become calmer as I know this is my life the way I always wanted it, this is what I enjoy. I am not running after anything, I am just happy and content in my own zone. So, I have become all the more chill ever since I got pregnant.”

So, is Sandeep being the extra doting husband and father-to-be to her and their baby? As I ask that to Pooja, she can’t stop smiling.

The mom-to-be quips,

“He has always been that way, so nothing has changed as of yet. But the pampering has just doubled up. Also, I don’t have any food cravings or mood swings but it’s Sandeep who is having it.”

Pooja also shares that her Kumkum Bhagya team has been such supportive and pleasant people to be around during her pregnancy, always trying to make her feel comfortable. So, as I ask her who did she first confide into in that team about her big news, the actress has a funny story to tell.

Pooja shares,

“Actually I didn’t tell anybody. But they all knew beforehand, so I did not get any reaction from them. I was going through a lot of morning sickness during that time so anybody in the world could have guessed that. But I loved the fact that everybody decided to talk to me about it only when I was comfortable about it. And it wasn’t like I didn’t want to but I was feeling so lazy and tired because of the morning sickness, so everybody guessed it because of that. So, when I went to anyone to tell them, they were like ‘yes, we already know’.”

The actress opens up about working during her pregnancy, saying that she didn’t even know that was possible, as she had never experienced that with anyone else around her.

She avers,

“I really didn’t know that this was also an option. I have never worked with anyone who was pregnant on set before. So, I didn’t know that shooting for a daily show while pregnant was also an option as it requires a lot of time. In the initial days of my pregnancy, I felt very weak and thought that it couldn’t be done. I thought why would anyone adjust for me, but on the contrary, they said to me that it is just a matter of some time. The worked around my schedule, making sure that I was comfortable.”

Pooja and Sandeep are waiting to welcome their bundle of joy within a month or so, and I am really happy and excited for the couple. I just wish them a big congratulations for this new journey in life as I am sure both of them will make for amazing parents to their kid.