Actress Shamita Shetty was really my favorite on Bigg Boss OTT as well as Bigg Boss 15. And what I liked the most about her was how she played the game with utter grace. In fact, I saw a very evident and good change in Shamita in the six months she spent on the reality show. While she became a finalist in season 15 and landed in the fourth position, there was much more than the prize money and trophy that Shamita took home. It was LOVE!

Yes, while in season 15 many contestants found their suitable partners, on Bigg Boss OTT it was only Shamita who found her Mr. Right in Raqesh Bapat. And I have to admit, not only do #ShaRa look super cute together, but their chemistry is also every bit romantic. And ahead of Valentine’s Day, I bring to you what Shamita had to say about her future with Raqesh in an exclusive interview with me.

Talking about the future of #ShaRa, Shamita said…

Raqesh and I got to know each other on a game show, that world is so different from the outer world. I didn’t really get much time to spend with him when I came out because I had to rush back in. Things for us start now. We definitely want to get to know each other better, yes, we are into each other, we like each other a lot, I want to see a positive future. We are working towards that, but it’s too soon to say, I think we have a long way to go in our relationship.

Soon after Shamita was out of Bigg Boss 15, I caught up with her for a freewheeling chat and there was a lot we spoke about. From her journey in the house to her not-so-pleasant equation with Tejasswi Prakash.

Read the excerpts from that interview here:

On how it feels to be back…

Ohh it feels good, I am happy to be back home finally. It has been a very long journey, it has been about six months, I am really exhausted but happy to be back. It definitely is taking me a little time to adjust to my old life. Being around too many people is definitely taking me some time.

On her equation with Tejasswi Prakash…

Tejasswi always has an answer to give back. She always had a problem with accepting that she was wrong. It was just in very poor taste, yes, she had apologized to me about it before. And I just found it very silly that after apologizing, again she was trying to justify, that is not something I do. Once I give an apology, I will not try to justify myself, if I am wrong, I am wrong and I have to accept it. I have to make sure not to make that mistake again, especially, if I have hurt someone. After knowing that she has hurt me and my mother, I thought it was very insensitive of her to keep going on and on, on the last day. I really don’t know what goes on in her mind, I am very different from her, I look at things and deal with them very differently. Just because I am in a task, I will not forget that there is a line I should not cross. There was a time when I did, with Rakhi, and when I was told, I accepted my mistake, I did not try to justify it.

Check out the entire interview here:

Well, Shamita has surely become a stronger person after Bigg Boss 15 and while I loved her graceful stance, seeing her in this headstrong avatar is also quite great. Now, I am waiting to see what exciting project the actress treats us to next.