It’s that time of the year when the Naagins’ from Ekta Kapoor‘s supernatural drama pay us a visit on the small screen. Yes, right from the grand finale of Bigg Boss 15, when it was announced that winner Tejasswi Prakash will be seen as the leading lady on the show. But what also left many excited was a hint Ekta dropped about the other Naagin whose name started with M.

Right from there speculations began and they only ended when actress Mahek Chahal‘s pictures from the show got leaked. And when the cat was finally out of the bag,  caught up with the other Naagin, Mahek where we spoke about the show, her role, exploring the OTT space, and lots more. I must tell you Mahek’s excitement has been hitting the roof, ever since this announcement.

Read the excerpts from her interview here:

On how excited she is…

Who would not be excited? I finally get to play the dream character role. I was just dying to tell the people it’s me. Suspense ho toh aisa.

On her look from the show getting leaked…

A guy came into my van saying he is a fan and if he could take a picture, later I got to know he was somebody else.
Mahek Chahal
Mahek Chahal (Source: Instagram | @maheckchahal)

On if there was pressure being a part of such a big show…

There is no pressure, first time I met Ekta, she told me that this time the story and the way it is going to be portrayed, the Naagin and her look everything is going to be very different. The pressure is when the whole responsibility is on your shoulders, I am not pressured because I have the best people I am working with be it Ekta, the channel, my directors, and the creative team. I am portraying what they have said yes to, when responsibility has been shared between everyone then the pressure is not much.

On Naagins fighting the pandemic…

When Ekta told me it’s a very different story and today’s story I thought they must have added some modern twist. But I didn’t know it was something that is actually happening in the world right now. I thought people will relate to this because we have been going through it for the last two years anyway.  It is today’s story with fiction where I am playing a Wonder Woman I have the responsibility to find out who were the deshdrohis who spread the coronavirus in our country. This time Naagin looks like a very strong proper wonder woman.
Mahek Chahal
Mahek Chahal (Source: Instagram | @maheckchahal)

On if she is happy with her journey…

I think an actor should always be versatile and be able to adapt to any kind of situation. Happiness only comes when you keep working, and if you keep getting work. I have been working in the industry for the last 20 years, anybody would be happy. Some people come here for 4-5 years and run away. I am still here, getting launched by one of the biggest producers and channels. I consider myself very lucky. I am also very happy, I was waiting for them to announce my name.

On exploring the OTT space…

Of course, now every Bollywood actor is also exploring the web-space, it’s not like stepping lower, it’s a platform that reaches so many people and has projects that are very real and interesting, so as an actor I would want to be a part of that and I wouldn’t want to be left behind.

Naagin 6 premieres tomorrow on Colors TV and with the interesting storyline it has, I am totally looking forward!