How To Improve Your Digital Marketing Skills In 2022 (Part 2)

How To Improve Your Digital Marketing Skills In 2022 (Part 2)

Pooja Maheshwary

Being consistent and upgrading your skillset are amongst the most important ingredients of growth in the ever-changing industry of digital marketing. Now, digital marketing is an arena that requires one to have multiple skills. It can get quite overwhelming for an individual to figure out which skill to target.

So, we reached out to Riddhi Chhabria Asrani, CEO and Founder of All Stars Digital,  a digital marketing and brand scaling agency, to help us understand the skills needed to stay relevant in the digital marketing industry. Riddhi says,

Kickstart your exploration, research about popular tools, make efforts to understand and learn the wants of your audience, accumulate your skills for a rewarding career in digital marketing. But remember that learning is the path you are paving for success, so never stop learning.

Read on to know the skills that can not just help you stay relevant but also thrive in the digital marketing industry, as shared by Riddhi.

1. Omni-Channel Strategy Skills

One should never put all their eggs in a single basket. So, one of the most popular skills in the digital space for 2022 is Omni-channel strategy. It is a technique that enables businesses to offer interactive customer experiences across all channels. It can help the brand stand out by offering a multi-faceted approach for customers to reach out.


2. Storytelling Skills

A skill that will be the most critical in 2022, storytelling is about establishing an emotional connection with the consumers and providing a personal experience through visual content. It helps in increasing engagement as well as conversion rates. Many advertisements use babies or puppies, reason being, they get the audience emotional and engaged. Try it for your campaign.

3. Consumer Psychology Skills

This involves using social media interactions to understand how digital consumers think and act, and create engaging digital marketing campaigns for businesses. It includes various strategies to relate and communicate with your consumers and get key insights.

4. Content Strategy Skills

In the digital world, content is key. Content strategy involves planning and executing the content on digital channels to achieve specific goals. It can help in making good use of time to generate higher returns on investment or ROI. There's a trick here; try making your content as relative as possible for your audience. Why else do you think some of the pages with the highest following are filled with quotes or memes. Hence, relative content is key.


5. Social Listening Skills

Expected to become the fundamental skillset in digital marketing this year, social listening skills do not just involve understanding and monitoring your brand's social media channels for customer feedback, direct brand mentions, or discussions regarding specific topics, keywords, competitors, or industries. But they also involve the analysis of what your competitors are doing, what the most recent fads and trends are that are being used by other brands to garner attention, and most importantly, figuring out a way to use all of this to make your clients and brand happy, thereby being on top of your game. With changing technologies, brands should start cultivating the use of NFTs, VR and memes. Yes, memes. In today's market, your meme game needs to be spot on!

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