We all are stuck in a loop of packed schedules and busy routines, bearing the stress of that almost always make us neglect our health and take it for granted. The overbearing, stress, bad eating habits, lack of sleep and physical activity make you lethargic and affect your health. In our day to day life, we do feel and observe a lot of changes in our body and they also seem to cause a problem sometimes but we tend to ignore them. There are several health problems that crop up only because of irresponsibility and carelessness. There is also a fine line between being paranoid and being careful: one can’t make a molehill out of an ant for every small thing that happens and one also shouldn’t continue to ignore an underlying problem that is coming in the way of their day to day activities. We bring to you a few health signs you should take seriously and visit the doctor if they happen repeatedly.


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Feeling tired or sleepy after a long day of work or after having disturbed sleep the night before is absolutely normal but feeling tired and lethargic all the time could be hinting at a serious problem. Feeling tired, restless can also be early signs of a heart problem. If you are showing persistent signs of fatigue, it’s time for you to get a check up.

Having To Pee All The Time

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Being unable to control your pee and feeling the urge to pee time and again is a sign of diabetes. Peeing again and again could be your body’s way of expelling the extra sugar in your bloodstream. This could also be a sign of a urinary tract infection, when the bacteria irritates your urethra, it may cause serious problems like kidney stones and gall bladder infections.

Unexplained Weight Loss

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The next time you weigh yourself and you see a significant weight loss or suddenly you feel your clothes not fitting you, it is not a sign of happiness but worry. An unexplained weight loss could be early symptoms of pancreatic infections, colitis, ulcers, even depression. So, before celebrating and going on a shopping spree for new clothes, sit down, assess your weight loss, run a few tests and make sure it is not a sign of something bigger, serious and dangerous.

Consistent Cough

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In the times of Coronavirus, no signs of cold or cough should be taken lightly. But generally, apart from the COVID19 scare, if you see yourself experiencing constant cough, it could be a symptom of a pulmonary, lung or respiratory infection or even tuberculosis. One must not ignore cough that lasts beyond 2 weeks and treat it with light medication and home remedies. If your cough is consistent, it is extremely important to visit the doctor and get it checked.

Blurry Vision

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We often confuse blurry vision with a rise in your power, which could also be the case. But if your vision continues to be blurry even after constant eye checkups and changing your glasses, this could be an early sign of diabetes, stroke or an underlying eye problem. Increasing sugar levels can actually cause fluid to build up in your eye’s lens, which can blur your vision or cause nearsightedness.

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