Akshay Kumar is gearing up for the release of Bachchhan Paandey which looks spectacular already. When I met the actor during promotions of the film, he looked super fit and handsome as always in a classy white shirt. Interestingly, Kumar had announced his digital debut The End with a bang by literally setting himself on fire, even before OTT became huge amidst the pandemic.

But there’s been delay in that. Ask him what’s happening on that front and here’s what Akshay confirmed.

The actor said,

“We were going to start this year But we (Amazon Prime and the team) were not satisfied with the screenplay so we are still working on it and if everything goes well, then hopefully we should start by next year beginning.”

The actor is known to always have everything planned well in advance for any of his projects. But he also has a very strong vision for a film to be a hit!

Akshay revealed,

“My thinking has always been like – if the budget is a hit, the film is a hit. I’ve always made films in the proper budget. I’ve never wasted time of my co-actors, my producers or director. Everyone deserves their time to be respected. I make sure, I not only respect my time but other people’s times.”

The actor surely does follow that as all his co-stars talk about how punctual he is. No wonder, he has so many films releasing in a year and most of them turn out to be successful.